1 on 1 Session

1 on 1 Session (Empathy Session)


To support you in connecting with your deeper self, a place from which inner clarity, creativity, and strength are sourced.

In person, by phone or on Zoom

1 on 1 sessions can serve you if you are:

❀ Confused, depressed, frustrated, or in pain. This can be about any subject in your life, be it at home, at work or anywhere else.

❀ Challenged by communicating in certain situations.

❀ Experiencing unresolved inner or outer conflicts.

❀ Longing to be guided by a sense of your own inner power – rather than by fear, guilt or shame.

❀ Challenged by a decision you want to make.

What is Empathy?

A 1 on 1 empathy session is first and foremost a sacred place of authenticity, presence and listening. Empathy is a special way of listening to, hearing and accompanying someone into the jungle of their heart while they seek to connect to life.

❀ Empathy heals both older and more recent emotional wounds.

❀ Empathy clarifies your life goals, heals your pain and cultivates the whole of you.

❀ Empathy helps you realize how you perceive, feel, and react.

❀ Empathy stimulates your imagination and creativity, and creates a space where solutions can arise naturally.

❀ Empathy allows you to free yourself from the fear-based decisions and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from freedom, easy choice and self-confidence.


You can choose a trainer from the list below and contact us for an appointment at:

Oriane BoyerNadine HelmBonno Lange  ❀ Daisy DelgadoMarije Roos