For me, Yoram's courses are unique. I have been blown up. By all of them. I took the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, ‘Mediation’ year course and the ‘Embodying & Teaching NVC’ year course. Once I tasted the flavor of it, being part of one of his groups became an essential need for me. His teaching combines a pure authenticity and a solid knowledge. A true-ness. A freedom. A loving energy and exceptional care. He evidently works connected to his heart and this makes him an incomparable trainer. It has been such a precious experience! Diving into myself, jumping in the NVC magic, imprinting it into my body, and opening my heart to the world. Today I am able to truly connect with myself and to others. Just a thank you to you Yoram is not enough. You brought me to my real path. I am in full, deep gratitude

Virginie O.

I was not new to NVC when I stumbled on Yoram. After finishing the year course with him, I can fully say: his authenticity, care and embodiment of NVC are truly inspiring. He is an incredible role model but also a very skilled teacher. He is a leader without being directive. Always expressing with honesty and encouraging all others to do the same. I learned a way of listening to myself and finding the courage to bring myself with honesty to the world. This has changed my life. It is something that I did not learn in other NVC courses. I feel sincere gratitude to Yoram, not just for my own transformation but also for the hope he gives for a world that is more safe. I mourn that Marshall Rosenberg is no longer among us, but knowing that Yoram continues his work and intention in the genuine way that he does, fills my heart with appreciation and gratitude

Khawla S.

This Year course has been amazingly life changing for me, I followed it twice and I feel so grateful for all the learnings.  Yoram, during the last weekend, your honesty and transparency touched me deeply. The fact that there is no way that you will act in a way that 'betrays' yourself. Even when that is not always the easy way. I feel inspired to see a way to be fully me. I love seeing your style of being a natural leader, it was joyful and relaxing to listen to and to see you.  I was nourished each time you started the course with a meditation or a body-conscious exercise, where I felt taken to a deeper place in myself. I am appreciative of the atmosphere you create where I feel welcome.  I am grateful for all the meaningful exercises which taught me communication skills and so enriched my life!

Krista K.

I can't really say how NVC changed my life: It's better to say it's changing my perspective to life everyday. It helps me listen first of all to myself and then to others. It helps me to get touched by the beauty of what each and every one of us is carrying deep inside. It helps me see and connect with what is crying inside, and to express it in a way that the world can hear. It helps me practice acceptance, non-judgment, trust, honesty, openness, authenticity, inclusion, and connection. These are my core values and NVC brings me to align with them moment by moment and create space for them to play freely. 

Maryam S.

Yoram to me is a living example of NVC. The dedication he puts into ‘putting what he preaches into practice, into reality’ is something I haven't seen yet elsewhere in my life with such precision and fullness! The care he has for his participants and the vulnerable position he puts himself in, being transparent and honest in for as far as I can see in all possible situations. While in the meantime being a teacher and also a fellow human being!  I love being around him and in the atmosphere he creates- mostly by simply being an example of how you can truly be your authentic self. It creates an atmosphere of safety, openness, care, transformation and aliveness that is something that I wish to be spread around the whole world, and as soon as possible (And Yoram is doing a really good job in doing exactly this!). Thank you Yoram for staying true to your passion and yourself and showing me and lots of others the way to do exactly the same in this completely differently educated world.

Erwin G.

The most important and crucial take away for me is the radical honesty- staying connected to the core of my being. It is not easy to apply. It hurts like hell sometimes. It cleanses and removes dirt from the soul. And underneath lays the raw beauty, the vulnerability of us. Thank you for showing this to me and for being such an advocate for it. I admire you being true to your core, and this is what you transmit to the world. To me. And it makes my world more wonderful and clear. Big hug and certainly till next time.

Beata S.

The special surprising gift I received from Yoram’s Year course is 'body awareness'. Instead of 'talking from my mind' I learned, through all the many different exercises, to communicate from my whole being. I learned to be aware of the details of my sensations, how they support me, and how to communicate with it with (self) compassion. Now communication with others starts from a very different place. With this body awareness I can bring myself fully into the dialogue (with all that is alive in me) and receive others fully with the depth of what’s living in them. After this Year course I feel much more integrated and communication became so much more joyful to me. Thank you !

Krista K.

Yoram, when I heard your speak about my need for ‘learning’, and the way you 'held my need', a specific image came to my mind. I didn't see you as a worried bystander telling "I just saw Jaya's needs buried in that pile of rubble. It must be painful". Your Empathic presence was like a torch, that helped me unearth my own buried needs. You rescued my need, held it closely, giving it the warmth of your heart. When I saw my need being held so gently and caringly by you, something happened to me... 'My need' in its torn-ness, wounded-ness, in its longing to expand, fly, and touch others, gasped and breathed. And felt so safe that in that instant I saw it was magic. The energy around that need transformed, instantly. Ever since that moment, my need for ‘learning’ is dancing with joy. In that mere hearing and seeing it feels so safe and validated that it knows, it lives in me to is just a matter of time. Though you have been teaching this all along--about seeing the humanity in others--this is the first time I felt its bodily impact. I have a new level of appreciation of these needs living in our bodies as live energy today. More than the curriculum and the principles, you brought in me this profound awareness of how to recognize myself and others as living energy; how to bring to the surface the blocked parts of our energies crying out as NEEDS, how to hold them and how to dance them in a way they can be fully seen...That alone has miraculous powers. Truly, in that sense, there is no right and wrong, just a play of energy, waiting to be heard and seen and validated, so that they can heal and transform and flow. This creates a profound shift in me: I am imagining the chatty neurons like factory workers...very hard working and diligent, but not very trained, at first. Their job is to create meaning out of observations. But the unskilled ones start making meaning out of everything: analyses, judgements, stories… what more, they don't even know when to stop. That is when Presence in Empathy, the Big Boss, walks in (which is every now and then when he sees the factory is producing stress and anxiety instead of joy and creativity. When the Boss walks in, the brain factory, all neuron workers, becomes silent at once. I am imagining it must be such a relief for these poor overworked neurons. The appearance of the boss also means they can go home and rest (now I know where the deep sigh, when a person experience being heard comes from). It is time for a new shift to begin with a new set of neurons. New set of neurons who are more tuned to the natural movement of life.

Jaya S.

To me the year course has been a deep deep dive into many hidden layers in myself. Identifying them, experiencing them, giving them space, noticing automatic patterns, seeing behaviors as to how I treat myself and others (my daughter, my partner, people around me, my fellow NVC-travellers…). I’ve had many AHA-moments, precious realizations popping up like fireworks. A true gift. During these 10 months deep dive, Yoram has been a gentle, caring teacher. Extremely competent, supportive, and inspiring in his vulnerability and passion. In other words: I recommend this year course with all my heart. I’m even contemplating doing it again myself!

Ishana S.

At Yoram's sessions, I experience lots of care, fun, warmth, passion and openness to learning. I cannot stop myself from taking another course.

Kaiyi M.

When I signed up to the Course with Yoram, I believed it would be a good investment of my time. But each week I realized how much I can't even put value on the love and connection and hope and excitement and warmth and learning that I experienced, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for receiving and being part of something that feels so invaluable to me. Being in regular practice and being part of such a nourishing sweet sweet community of connection and authenticity- I am realizing how my mind and body soaked such a state of care- This is a consciousness that I hope I will be able to keep even though this course is over. It has been an honor and a privilege for me to be in connection with Yoram, to hear from his heart, mind and experiences, and be with the learning that he so thoughtfully held and supported.

Racheli D.

Yoram, I am so grateful for how you bring NVC, I find myself nodding to almost every word you say (or as you said you “really drinking in your words”). The message you bring touches something deep within my body. During this course it became clear to me that when I was younger the NVC consciousness actually came really natural to me and I did not understand my peers, let alone the adults around me. Learning and practicing NVC feels like coming home to me. I remember for example in my early teens I would write a hateful letter and then rewrite it until I felt a shift in my body that left me feeling safe to then share it. Now I realize that through writing I transformed my jackal message into a giraffe one. Writing this now brings up a big mourning as I would've so wanted to stay in touch with this consciousness all those years…  Following this course has helped me get more in touch with my body and really experience the sensations and feelings I have moment by moment and welcome truly my sensations & feelings. Because of this insight I'm able to be more open and present to whatever arises and allow life to happen. I cry more easily, which is such a relief to me and such a wonderful way to release. I'm following my body's lead more often and allow myself to be more vulnerable with others (and not only when they were the first one showing me their vulnerability).  Last thing: my husband came to me the other day declaring I was the only person who would listen to him without steering him away from what he shares, and that touched me in a very warm place, because that's what I want to bring to the world.  This leaves me with so much gratitude for NVC in general, for you, for the assistants, for all the other participants and for myself to take part in this course and give myself fully. 


Hey Yoram, I am reaching out simply to thank you. My heart is overflowing with appreciation. I know I have only worked with you 3 times so far but it’s already creating such an enormous shift in my life.  Not only in the relationship with my husband, but with so many others, most importantly myself.  I want to thank you for holding space for me the way you do. It is something I have not experienced before and it’s a true gift. 


I am so incredibly grateful for the course. I have applied NVC to my relationship and can see that it helped immensely. I have used it with my kids and today with my daughter when it was just about to get out of hand I used NVC and it worked and gave her the space she needed. I feel lighter. I feel a different energy, a shift inside, an understanding I was missing. I have done many many therapy courses in the past, but for me this weekend was exactly what I was actually looking for. I don't need to be busy with the past if I can be authentic about what I am feeling right now!


Feeling so bloody alive! Doing the course in Nonviolent Communication with Yoram Mosenzon, I have never been so alive in my life. This is me, utterly, totally me, naked in front of you. Over the sessions with Yoram, I have had the opportunity to dive into me and discover myself. And there is nothing that I can think of in this now, that is more precious to me than this discovery! It is my re-birth!


Wow thank you so much Yoram for giving me this insight and opportunity to let my child cry. I am really convinced now that she can release by crying. Since I let her cry she falls asleep again by herself, also without crying. She sleeps longer. And I can even enjoy the crying sessions. It is a beautiful even a spiritual experience. Because it requires full presence and allowing 'what is' to be experienced. It is NVC for babies. Now all other methods to stop her from crying seem like killing and ignoring her emotions.


I loved the last meeting. It surprises me how many new insights I get every time. It's all so simple and logical and above all loving! I'm so excited to learn this language that is to the benefit of all, this language of the inner child, this language of love...


Learning NVC: I got better at expressing myself authentically- being honest and catching in the moment what is going on for me I’m more connected to my needs in expressing myself in my life with my husband and child and at the same time give them more space to connect with their needs and feelings and hear those.


I was afraid of showing myself. I want to tell you how you made me feel so very welcome in the course. It did strike me that I have lived most of my life with my voice not being in the room. After the course I felt renewed, refreshed and energized by what I had learned. I have been incorporating the things you taught us into my daily life and realize that you were right: this is the answer to 99% of all conflicts. It is the lovely and gentle answer to communicating with humans. I feel so grateful for the experience.


I came to learn NVC because the endless fights with my girlfriend, brought us to the border of separation. During the workshop, I learned that though I spend hours listening to her, I actually never really HEAR her. What I heard was my own head telling me how wrong she is and that I want her to change! Now, instead of what’s wrong with her, I hear what she is actually feeling and needing, and that brings us to a place where we start finally hearing each other. This is a new place for us to be where we are much more connected than ever before.


I learned to see that in each moment I have a choice- how do I respond? NVC teaches me to see that no matter how people speak to me, it is up to me how I interpret these words I hear. This is an enormous power.


I have trust in how to deal with sticky conversations, while in the past I would have wanted to run away from them, now I feel trust that I have the tools and the skills to be, finally, fully honest about it while also leading it to a place of connection instead of disconnection.


Celebration! I immediately took the consent process home. This is the skill I’ve been looking for to practice for so long! It always takes ages for us when we need to make a decision together as a family. Monday we wanted to have a family activity and I applied what we have been learning. I loved how my oldest daughter picked up on the idea and became a facilitator. After a dialogue she suddenly said: let’s go to the Griftpark, so dad can skate on the halfpipe, I can look at the animals and my young brother can play. You can go there on your bicycle, my brother in the seat, and me and dad can go on skates. Everyone had a yes!


Today I would like to express my gratitude to you for the teachings you offered me the last 5 months. If I believed, during the first 3 months that I would go through hell watching all my ghosts pass by- I could not imagine that facing my jackals would bring me such freedom! I can feel this freedom everyday. And above all, I feel it in my body- it gives my movement strength and authenticity. If I always moved in order to keep myself alive, now it's something else that is happening: I can put myself in danger and go down ever deeper, contact new parts of life and play with them !!!! Moving toward people is now possible. I have confidence in knowing how to take care of myself, and my limits are no longer an obstacle but subject to creativity. And I accept easily the other as she or he is! It's simply HUGE !!!!!


Yoram is an incredibly good empathetic listener, someone who has made me feel safe and at ease to openly express my feelings (something I’ve always found difficult) without fear of judgement. Yoram is helping me to learn how to connect to my feelings and to express them effectively to other people, especially my wife I remember that after the first session I thought something like: “Wow! We've been married for a few years now, but this is the first time that I can really hear what matters to her!” I felt more connected to her than I have ever before. I have faith again that we can overcome any challenge in our relationship and prosper together as a loving connected couple.