Mediations & Couples Sessions

Mediations & Couples Sessions

With Yoram Mosenzon

❀ Where:  In person, or by zoom

❀ For whom: Intimate partners, family members, business partners & teams, friends, neighbors, parents & children… human beings !

❀ For what situations: NVC is a human art focused on what is going on between (and within) people. It’s helpful in many situations, including (but definitely not limited to): conflicts, heart distance, accumulated frustration, daily irritations, repeating relationship dynamics, healing traumas, hurt, communication challenges, anger, guilt, etc.

Peace, connection, cooperation…

We all dream about it. But let’s face it, it’s not that easy. We have misunderstandings, even with the ones we love the most. Hurt and tensions rise, fights and sometimes drawn-out, painful conflicts ensue with the people around us.

It’s exhausting and saddening when the gulf between is opened again.

So what can we do when we are angry, disappointed, hurt or distrustful?

What can we do to start melting the ice between us again?

How can we improve the communication between us?

Conflict is a cry for connection! Why suffer? Let’s meet.

Mediations & Couples Sessions are an opportunity to:

❀ Express honestly and be fully heard.

Hear each other’s layers of authenticity and re-connect.

❀ Learn and embody new communication skills and bring them into daily life.

❀ Heal the pain between us and build new trust

❀ Reach agreements that work for everyone

❀ And much more…

During these sessions we will dive deeply into your challenges in communicating. We’ll look at the dynamics that are currently blocking your natural flow of cooperation and compassion, and explore what might be done differently to bring back a sense of flow, care for everyone’s needs and love.


❀  When there are 2 people involved:

For the initial session, typically lasting 3 hours, I’m requesting a fee ranging between €300 – €600. Your selection within this scale depends on your income and free will.
Once we’ve completed the first session we can evaluate lengths and structure for future sessions together.

❀❀   Mediation in the workplace:

Our standard rate is €270 per hour. The structure and specific time allocations will be discussed and tailored individually to meet your unique needs and requirements.

❀❀❀   When there are more than 2 people involved:

We can dialogue to figure out the most serving structure.