Marije Roos

Marije Roos


I’m passionate about re-sensitizing and trusting my body, to follow her innate wisdom. Yet it’s not something I have learned while growing up. How to listen to my pain?

When I finished the art academy in 2009 I was feeling confused, insecure and too afraid to create anything…
I started practicing and teaching Yoga & Meditation. That brought a big shift in the relationship I had with my body; for the first time I started to hear her, notice how she was constantly talking to me. I became more aware of my thoughts too, that was confronting! The way I talked to myself created so much pain: “You are so stupid”, “Again you didn’t finish your to-do list!” etc.
When I met NVC in 2014 I had a profound experience: “Life is not about feeling good. Instead my feelings are there to care for me.” This brought a sense of I’m welcome as I’m. I finally got the clarity on how to connect to life in me and in others. This clarity is making my life worth living, supporting me daily in connection with my children, my partner and myself!  
In 2018 when my own relationship ended, I started teaching NVC and supporting couples and individuals. It made me realise many human-beings struggle in their relationships: (Unspoken) shame, guilt, expectations etc. seem to kill love and sexuality. Yet I also realised that deep down most human-beings long for a relationship where they feel fully seen, loved and supported. I find sexuality such a powerful and potent energy, I feel passionate to listen to the shame, fear, guilt and longings we might carry around sexuality and how we can use our sexual energy not only for pleasure but also to make love that reaches beyond the bedroom into all areas of our life.

Languages: English, Dutch.