NVC in the workplace

All our workshops and courses are tailor-made to fit your organization’s needs.  Workshops and courses can be given in English or Dutch. 
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NVC in the workplace:

People dedicate a significant portion of their lives to their jobs, where they need to collaborate with others. Unfortunately, it’s not always an enjoyable experience; at times, it can be genuinely painful and distressing.
Frequently, attempts to communicate leave us bewildered, pondering, “What went wrong?” “Why is it so complicated?” “Why is this person thinking, behaving, or reacting this way?” There’s no escaping it- we work with people, which can present a significant challenge.

According to research, the number one reason people change their jobs is human relationships and interpersonal dynamics. This includes conflicts with superiors or coworkers, endless misunderstandings, spoken and unspoken tensions, power struggles, a lack of a sense of purpose or belonging, feelings of not making a meaningful contribution or being creative, unclear work processes, unproductive meetings, etc.

These issues often stem from the often overlooked, even microscopic, details in how we communicate with one another. Communication within a team, among different teams, with management, and with clients is often the missing piece required to make everything run smoothly and foster creativity. Communication is a true art form.

Throughout our time in school and university, we gained knowledge, but we received very little education in what I believe to be the most crucial skill for both work and life: communication. 

Why does one startup thrive while another, with a similar model and a talented team, flounders? So often, it boils down to the art of communication, which acts as the secret ingredient for flourishing teams in companies and startups.

Regardless of other factors, the fate of every company depends on its team’s ability to master the skill of handling conflicts constructively, fostering productive collaborations, and establishing relationships grounded in trust.

Nonviolent communication (NVC) plays a central role in many workplaces, acting as a potent tool for conflict management and the cultivation of collaboration, connection, creativity, empathy, honesty, respect and clarity at all levels of communication within an organization.


Our training programs are designed to benefit individuals and teams at all levels within an organization, including leaders, managers, employees, clients, and collaborators. We offer training at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels, always customizing the content to align with your organization’s specific needs and the participants’ requirements.

Any training is tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the organization and is being designed in communication.

Here are some of our offered programs:

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 → Half a day, a day or a multi days training:

 → Team building & vision work:

 → Facilitating Team meetings

 → Inspirational talk:


Individual coaching

Re-structuring an organization

Our customers

Half a day, a day or a multi days training:

‘Nonviolent Communication’  isn’t a quick fix; it asks for practice and a deepening of understanding, inspiration, and most importantly, implementation. The longer the training, the more profound the transformation we can achieve.This is our preferred approach. However, we also acknowledge the constraints of time and resources in the workplace, which is why we provide a wide range of training durations to accommodate different needs.

During our training sessions, we will focus on developing skills such as:

  • The Art of (Empathic) Listening
  • Being fully honest in ways that foster collaboration and creativity
  • Navigating conflicts and challenging dialogues 
  • Addressing complaints, resistance, and demands effectively
  • Giving and receiving feedback in ways that propel us forward
  • Cultivating collaborative spirit for Effective Teamwork
  • Navigating intense emotions
  • Facilitating group decision making process
  • Unveiling the secrets to stimulate the natural movement of compassion and cooperation
  • Crafting powerful requests that moves us forward
  • And much more…

Team building and vision work:

This can take the form of an inspirational day that unites the team around shared inspiration, intention or practice. It can involve aligning with a common purpose, values or vision work, as well as practicing ‘Team Emotional Hygiene’ to address hidden or overt tensions within the team.

Facilitating team meetings:

Our goal is to enhance the effectiveness of team meetings by fostering clarity and efficiency in their execution and management. We facilitate and teach processes such as challenging decision-making and dynamics within teams, ensuring a smoother and more productive collaboration.

Inspirational talk:

We also offer short inspiration talks that can last anywhere between 45 minutes to 1h30.


Mediation/supported dialogue: We offer assistance in resolving specific conflicts and tensions among two or more individuals, including employees, managers, customers, or collaborators.

In teams: This support can also manifest as ‘team emotional hygiene’ or assistance in resolving organizational conflicts between teams or groups within an organization.

Individual coaching:

Individual coaching is a versatile approach to personal and professional development that can take various forms to address specific needs and goals. Some of the common forms of individual coaching include:

– Leadership Coaching
– Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Skills Training- Emotional support
– Preparing for Challenging Conversations
– Goals definitions
– and more

Re-structuring an organization

For organizations that aspire to implement the principles of ‘Nonviolent Communication’ at both the structural and values levels.

Our customers:

We have worked with companies such as:

  • FMO: Dutch Entrepreneurial Development bank
  • Blue Billy Wig
  • FOEI: Friends of the Earth
  • INSEAD Executive Master for change in Amsterdam
  • SOMO
  • FloraHolland
  • And more

About the training:

In an interactive and safe learning environment, participants will have the opportunity to apply NVC principles to real-life workplace scenarios. We will engage in NVC through live demonstrations, role-playing, and practical exercises, enabling the integration of NVC values and language into participants’ daily lives.
We provide our training and workshop services either on-site at your company, online, or at our Amsterdam location. Our training sessions are available in both English and Dutch.