Nadine Helm

Nadine Helm

CNVC certified trainer

I stumbled upon NVC in 2004. I will never forget how deeply moved and affected I was reading Marshall’s book. It felt like coming home.

Almost immediately NVC helped me build a bridge between my heart and the heart of others, overcome separation and give rise to compassion. It enabled me to access and live the love I carry in my heart, the love that was buried by bitterness, anger, frustration and powerlessness.

Robert Gonzales has been my main teacher since 2006. I’ve done his two-year course three times (participating once, assisting twice). He taught me how to deeply be with my own and others’ pain and to apply the powerful and concrete tools NVC offers to help transform the hardened knot of suffering into the vibrant living energy of life.

Holding a compassionate space for (self-) connection, empowerment, clarity, mutual care and healing is the most meaningful thing to me – I am honored to be offered a chance to share NVC through Connecting2Life with a team of wonderful colleagues.

Languages: English, German