Terms And Conditions

Connecting2life, through the art of dialogue, is deeply valuing a movement toward a world where everyone’s needs matter. This means everyone’s needs are heard, recognized and deeply considered.

We would like to check if you agree to the following points. If you have a request for something to be written differently in these ‘terms and conditions’, please contact us directly. We are open to a dialogue to figure out a text that works for both of us:

❀  If you decide to leave the training at anytime before the end time of the course, you engage yourself in paying the full participation fee.

This is in order to care for our energy in organizing a course, as well as due to the fact that otherwise your place could have been offered to someone else from the waiting list

❀  In case there are less than 9 participants for a course in Amsterdam / 20 participants for a weekend workshop or a year long training, connecting2life reserves the right to cancel the course no later than 7 days before the course is due to start. In such cases we will refund the pre-payment within 2 weeks of the cancelation announcement.

This is in order to care for the sense of balance of our trainers

❀  It is your personal responsibility to inform the trainer/s of your health status (physical and mental), and/or use of medication, etc.

This is in order to create safety and clarity for you and the trainer.

❀  Neither connecting2life nor its trainers are liable for any physical and/or psychological damage you claim to have acquired due to participation in the course/training.

This is in order to have a shared agreement about the notion of ‘self- responsibility’. We encourage you to speak up when things do not feel safe to you in any way. We encourage you to be in gentle listening with yourself and take any measurements to take care of your well-being. Safety is really important to us, and each person needs different ways to care for it. We deeply care to support you in that.

❀  The participant will recompense any damages they cause to movable and immovable property on the property the course/training is held.

This is in order to have a shared agreement about the notion of ‘self responsibility’.

❀  About Online course recording:
– unless stated clearly otherwise on the website: Online meetings will be recorded (Video) and shared with the group for a view. Also participants joining the course within 3 weeks after the start of the course will receive the recordings of the sessions they have missed.
– The recordings will be shared with the option to be viewed (not downloadable) with Google Drive, Vimeo or any other platform
– The recordings will be available to view until 3 weeks after the last session. 
– You are committed to keeping the recordings exclusively for yourself and not sharing them with anyone else. This ensures that we respect everyone’s privacy and choices, including those of the trainer.

We offer recordings in order to support the participant’s learning, as well as, as much as possible, to care for the privacy of all involved.

❀  In case of a complaint, here is the complaint procedure in steps: Complaint process

❀  Confidentiality: All communication with connecting2life (within and outside the course) will be dealt with confidentiality. Our participant’s info is saved on our google drive.

❀ To book your place we ask a non-refundable prepayment. You are asked to pay the rest of the payment within a week of the very end of the course (we like people to pay when they know what they pay for, so that payment is more connected to gratitude and less to being a duty). If you prefer paying it earlier, this is welcome as well.

❀  ‘The regret period’: We process a refund for your prepayment only if the cancellation occurs within 14 days from the date you made the prepayment, and if your cancellation request is made at least 5 working days before the course officially begins.