Daisy Delgado

Daisy Delgado


This amazing opportunity has knocked on my door. I’m becoming a Connecting2Life trainer.

I feel such excitement and joy because I will be working with a team of trainers that have been (and continue to be) a big source of inspiration to me. The shared values of honesty, empathy, and being on a mission together are so meaningful to me. 

NVC has transformed my life in many ways. Before learning NVC I would avoid conflict and was uncomfortable with people’s intense feelings. I now enjoy being with and supporting people going through intense feelings with presence and care. My connections with the people around me have become deeply nourishing. I experience inner clarity about what it is I long for and how to create that in my life.

I have spent a big part of my life hiding. With NVC I learned how nourishing it is to be seen and welcomed. And also the preciousness of hiding, which sometimes I still like to do.

I’ve been a teacher in primary education and connecting with children through NVC for 11 years. I’m super excited to begin teaching at the school of L.I.F.E. – Learning in a Free Environment, an NVC democratic school near Amsterdam. It’s a place where I can live and teach in line with my values even more.

For the last five years I have been following and assisting NVC courses with Yoram and others, giving workshops in schools and doing many mediations between children. It’s been a process of trying, stumbling and trying again while adding many different skills to my toolbox. I would love to share my learnings and tools with you.

I look forward to welcoming you in a course, a one on one session or mediation.

Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish