Daisy Delgado

Daisy Delgado


What can I possibly write that will touch your heart, inspire you and move you to see how deeply I love NVC?

I so wish I would know how to give you even just a little taste of the magic that NVC has brought to my life.

I find it so incredibly beautiful and challenging to relate- There is so much happening when another human being is in front of me. I become most alive when there is transparency and honesty between us. With NVC I learned how to create safety for myself and others to be able to be transparent. This is the door that creates the connection and closeness I most long for. NVC is my toolkit for HOW TO LOVE. It supports me to see human beings in their intentions- in what truly motivates them from within that are driving every step we take. 

My path with NVC started 6 years ago when I was feeling lost in how to connect with my partner, trying to make clear what is important to me and understand what’s going on for him. After reading Marshall’s book I was deeply inspired, and I started following and assisting courses with Connecting2Life. It was (and continue to be) a journey of self-discovery: I experienced the deep nourishment that comes from a new closeness and clarity within myself. 

My aim is to bring learning and inspiration through my own embodiment of NVC, living empathy and honesty within the group and offering a variety of practices that invites the experience of NVC.

Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish