Coming To Live With You

Going to an NVC workshop is really great; it’s a heart-opener

How can we take it further? The biggest challenge is to apply this transformation in our own homes, with our most loved ones- our children, partner, parents and siblings.

Why does love disappear in a marriage?

Why do we repeatedly tell each what to do?

What messages are we afraid to tell our partner and children?

Why do we spend so much of our precious time in fights, stress, hurt and anger?

“Coming to Live with You” is a special program in which one of our trainers will spend 2-6 days with you in your own home to help bring back love, harmony, creativity and freedom into your family life.

Behind a child’s “NO!” there is a cry for freedom.
Behind a parent’s shouting there is a cry for support and understanding.

So how can we manifest the love that exists between us in a harmonious way? Home means being fully accepted and warmly welcomed. Home is a place of love, honesty and mutual care. An NVC home practices the art of “giving from the heart” – giving out of joy and not out of duty.

“I want to tidy my room because I like it looking nice.”

instead of:

“I have to clean my room because my Mum told me to…”


“I am relieved upon seeing my children eating the healthy food I cook for them instead of poisoning themselves with hamburgers”

instead of:

“I have to cook for them because I am their mother…”

At the bottom of all family conflicts, there is love and care. Home is where everybody’s needs are being considered equally and met. Home is where I feel most comfortable being who I am.