The Art of Dialogue

Amsterdam Year Course:

"Embodying & Teaching NVC"
On the road to becoming an NVC trainer


10 months course, October 2020 - July 2021 !

With CNVC certified trainer Yoram Mosenzon 


Hello everybody,

We are excited to put in words our enthusiastic invitation to our upcoming year course "Embodying & Teaching NVC"- on the road to becoming NVC trainers!!!

 Here you find:

1.    Course Intention

2.    Course content

3.    Practical information (dates, location, fee, etc.)

4.   Testimonials

5.    A short questionnaire to fill in to help us design a program that is suited to all the participants


This course is meant for you who would like to make the next step toward:

* Embodying NVC deeper in your life

* Offering "1 on 1 Empathy sessions"

* Teaching/Sharing NVC

('Teaching/Sharing NVC' can mean all sorts of different formats, such as: Teaching NVC, Empathy private sessions, Mediation sessions, Team and community building, Coaching or consulting based on NVC, Being a leader of a group/team/community, etc.) 



1.     Embodying NVC: Creating a context to deepen NVC to be manifested in our lives. The undercurrent in anything we do and learn in the course is the 'HOW' we live NVC together in each and every moment- as a community and in the learning- we focus on deepening, like spirals down, our embodiment of these super-powerful-paradigm-shift skills and awareness of NVC.

2.     Teaching NVC: Learning and gaining confidence in offering '1 on 1 Empathy Sessions', and Learning and practicing to 'teaching/sharing NVC': 

❀  Offering 1 on 1 Empathy Sessions

'Empathy' is a life long practice. This year will be a great opportunity to practice practice practice, toward gaining confidence and skills in offering private empathy sessions. There will be 4 workshop days especially dedicated to gaining and deepening empathy skills (Deepening Empathy skills, Role Play, About 'Healing', Empathizing with inner jackals, and more.), and, there are 2 extra contexts where you will be invited to practice those skills:

1.     "Empathy buddy":

Once a week you will be invited to have a 40m to 1 hour telephone call/skype empathy practice with another participant from the course, focused on specific exercises or general "emotional hygiene". This will give you the opportunity to practice empathy, and also give you a regular empathy support for issues you are dealing with in your life.

2.     "Empathy Project":

You will be invited to choose a person/persons to whom you will offer (at least) 20 hours of empathy sessions.

I particularly excited about this idea, as I believe it can meet many needs, such as:

A.   Learning, gaining confidence, gaining experience in offering Empathic Listening.

B.   Contribution to people and society.

This will play as an "Empathy Lab" where we can try out things, deepen and expand our skills, gaining clarity and capacity in "Empathic Listening". As a group, we will reflect back and look into our very personal challenges in regard to "Empathic Listening".

❀ Teaching NVC

Teaching NVC to others is one of the most powerful forms I found for deepening the learning and embodying it myself. We will focus on:

1) Learning to teach NVC:
We will touch points such as:

  • Structures and tips for introducing NVC (Introducing to 1 person, to a group, in setting of a course, workshop or evening introduction)
  • Dealing with Teaching challenges: What are the choices you have as trainer? How to stay human in all situations/how to LIVE the NVC principles as a trainer?
  • How to answer questions: Choice when to Answer a questions or when a question is a request for Empathy or Role Play
  • Facilitating a group:  Consent Group decision making process.
  • And more

2) Teaching yourself:
During this program, you will be invited to prepare once or twice a 45m teaching on an NVC subject. 

You will be invited to teach this subject to 3 participants and support them through an exercise to embody the learning material. In this way you will gain experience in explaining NVC, answering questions, leading/coaching exercises, and leading sessions.


Community building

To me, NVC is a set of skills to help me be and live together in an interdependent world (community).Each time I teach a group, it is the creation of a community:

  • How to build safety that can allow Honesty and Vulnerability- a group I belong to where I can just be me?
  • How to create the experience of Inclusion where people experience they matter and are having a place in the group?

Community building weekends:  The weekends are set in the format of "The Art of Living Together". I saw once a performance that was called: "If you really want to get to know me, come and live with me". I do not remember well the performance but I remember well the title smile.png. We will live together, breath, eat and practice NVC 24/7.

We will look into subjects such as:  Radical Honesty/ Radical Empathy, Inclusion, Safety, Consensus Group decision making, Choice, Freedom, Self Care and more.

 ❀ FB group:  
We create a FB group, which will act as a platform for sharing (celebrations and mournings), challenges, questions, wonders, requests etc. 
In the last years we found it to be a great special community space for connection, sharing, and learning.



❀ Required NVC experience needed 

I would find it very helpful that people in this program would already have acquired a sense of a base with "The 4 steps" and "Empathy". The minimum experience we ask for joining this course is 100 hours of previous NVC training.  If you doubt whether your amount of experience with NVC fits this course, you are welcome to share this doubt with us so we can figure it out together.

❀ Assistants
We will have 6-8 assistants accompanying us during the year. They all did this year course in the past and are engaged in their steps starting teaching/sharing NVC.

❀ Certification

Yoram is a CNVC certified trainer and will offer you a Certificate of Attendance.
Certified Trainer: This course can support you in the process toward becoming CNVC certified trainer (counts as hours with certified trainer, and as experience in sharing NVC).
Contact us if you wish for more information regarding the process for becoming a certified trainer.

❀ Time investment

  • Training days: 6 full weekends (Friday evening till Sunday evening)
  • Skype call "empathy buddy": minimum 1 hour a week
  • "Empathy Project": minimum 20 hours
  • Preparations for teaching a 45 minutes session- 1 or 2 times.
  • 'The Monthly exercise' (each month you will be invited toward a certain focus, inwardly and outwardly, to practice in many different situations in your life) and NVC journal (dialogue with yourself and marking your learning, challenges, dialogues...)

❀ Meetings/Location

  • 6 full weekends of 'The Art of Living Together' once every 2 months (except that June → July will be after 1 month) Each weekend will be:  Friday 18:00 till Sunday 18:00
    Location: FORT AAN DE KLOP, 1e Polderweg 4, 3563 MC, Utrecht

❀ Exact Dates

  • 23-25 October 2020 
  • 04-06 December 2020
  • 05-07 February 2021 
  • 02-04 April 2021
  • 04-06 June 2021 
  • 02-04 July 2021

❀ Fee
 →   Course fee is including full food & accommodation for all 6 long weekends. Fee is a choice between €2400 - €3800 (Choice is depending on your income and free will- the idea behind 'scale' is that we all have a different current financial situation, and I like the flexibility in fitting the prices per situation).

Invoices are Vrijgesteld (VAT free). 

How the payment goes:
 To book your place we ask a non-refundable prepayment of 200€.

The rest of the payment, you are asked to pay within a week after the very end of the course (we like people to pay when they know what they pay for, so that payment is more connected to gratitude and less to being a duty). If you prefer paying it earlier, this is welcome as well. 

'The regret period':  If you change your mind within 14 days after sending the prepayment and before the course has actually begun, you will receive your pre-payment back.

❀ Language

The main spoken language in the course will be English. Small group work can be held in English or in Dutch. Translation is always available if at any moment one wishes to express oneself in Dutch.

❀ Materials 
At the end of each meeting, you will receive by email a summary of the learning in last session. 
Other handouts will be provided, depending on the learning theme.



Originally from Israel, Yoram is now based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam). 
While working as a dancer/choreographer, Yoram met NVC 17 years ago. Since then he has been deeply dedicated to embodying NVC in each and every corner in his life. 10 years ago he decided to stop all his artistic activities in order to devote his full time and energy to sharing NVC.  Besides regularly leading Mediations and private ‘empathy' sessions, Yoram is now teaching NVC full-time to the general public, to teachers in schools, coaches, parents, university students, businesses and teams. Yoram works internationally in The Netherlands, France, Israel, Belgium, Poland, Reunion, Italy, Israel/Palestine and more.




Loes Berkhout:

"Doing this course, I am amazed by the extraordinary depth I discover in NVC- how it covers almost all aspects of life. The group becomes more and more intimate. It feels very alive, warm and safe. It really feels like the favorite family I was longing to have. During this "year course" we are stimulated to practice our skills in unfamiliar contexts- we offer our empathy to people in society such as homeless people or employees of companies. Very challenging and exciting! I learn to relax when I give empathy- to "be" instead of to "do". I learn to live more in truth- to express myself, and reveal what is true and not true for me. I learn to be honest towards myself. This is one of the scariest and most fantastic discoveries of my life."


Jessica Daniels:

"I would describe this year course as 'organic learning'. I don't feel as sitting in a classroom and yoram being my teacher. I realize that he is actually teaching us, but in a way it enters my body naturally.

Every meeting I am amazed: exactly that what I need, is there- Something I am struggling with, questions I have, things that are happening in my life... the answers are offered during the day. Magic.

Finally NVC is entering my life. Before the year course, I participated at several weekends and every time left with a great feeling of 'wow, this is it!', however, so far away from my daily life reality. Now, I am slowly integrating Giraffe language into my way of thinking and communicating. Jackals are making space for empathy. Slowly. I am getting confident that it can be part of my life.

There is something growing, I am getting the taste of possibly being a trainer. I can picture myself as a coach. I am willing to take responsibility. That is a great evolution to me."


Jort Bijleveld:

"It’s Yoram’s presence and ability to listen with his whole being that is so special to me- Every little feeling, thought, jackal or giraffe, is receiving space and may come to expression. This gives me an immense sense of freedom, being welcome, and self expression. Nothing in my life has been more transformative till now. Highly highly recommended!"


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QUESTIONNAIRE "Embodying & Teaching NVC"

Please fill in this form and send it to:    

Interests, wishes and personal details:

1.  What is your motivation for taking part in this training? Do you have a wish to slowly move toward sharing NVC (as a trainer? 1 on 1 sessions? Other?)

2. Specific themes and skills you would love to learn (like self empathy, listening, honesty, anger, guilt, etc.)?  Inner challenges you would like to advance in (like inner jackals, insecurity in listening empathically, etc.)?

4. Any special requests / advice / wishes?

5. What is your experience with NVC and techniques similar to NVC? (Think about: How many years/months are you practicing? Workshops? Sessions? Others?)

Thank you, and very much looking forward to having you joining us!

Yoram Mosenzon


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With any question please contact us at:  


To book your place:
1. Read the Terms & Conditions (I never read 'Terms & Conditions'... and, I would recommend you to read this one to be sure we are together on the same page, feelings safe and comfortable with each other)
2.  Please fill in the form below
3.  Send us the non-refundable prepayment of 200€ (When making the transfer please mention your full name and course name to help us identify you with ease).


Account name:  connecting2life  
IBAN:                 NL52TRIO0197688594
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The rest of the payment, you are asked to pay within a week after the very end of the course (we like people to pay when they know what they pay for, so that payment is more connected to gratitude and less to being a duty). If you prefer paying it earlier, this is welcome as well. 


'The regret period':  If you change your mind within 14 days after sending the prepayment and before the course has actually begun, you will receive your pre-payment back.