The Art of Communication

A Nonviolent Communication (NVC) course

The Art of Communication

Manifesting NVC in Your Life

5 sessions course; 02 May - 06 June 2024

With CNVC certified trainer and mediator Yoram Mosenzon

This workshop will be in English

As many of you have likely experienced, NVC is often easier said than done. It involves ingraining a profound new habit into your brain, tissues, and bones.

This course is for you if you wish to make NVC a more fluent language, seamlessly integrating it into myriad aspects of your life, and delve into the subtleties of ‘Embodying NVC.’ 

You can expect to explore:

  • Radical honesty (What does it truly entail? How can I incorporate it into my life?)
  • Radical empathy and the power of compassion (What do they actually mean? How can I bring them into my life?)
  • Navigating challenging dialogues
  • Being the only giraffe in a conversation
  • Wholeheartedly trusting the body – both yours and others’

Embodying NVC across countless challenging situations is not simple. None of us can expect ourselves to become perfect giraffes in this lifetime. The transformation is too monumental. Nonetheless, every small step you take towards embracing it in your life leads to a profound opening of the heart and new possibilities within your most cherished relationships.

There may be no skill more worthwhile to learn than the art of connecting with yourself and others!

Suggested Prerequisite:

It will be helpful to have an embodied understanding of NVC basics prior to taking this course. This is not a requirement but a recommendation. 

Thursdays, May 2-June 6, 2024 (skip May 30) (five sessions)
18:30-21:30 CEST time
Online via Zoom


Registration Fee:
Early Bird 20% discount: $434 until April 11 ($542 after)
NVC Library members: $347 until April 11 ($434 after)*

Payment Plan:
Make 4 payments of $115 if registered by April 11*


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Extra support

We will have assistants accompanying us during this course. They’ve already completed the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Year Courses with us and are engaged in their steps toward teaching/sharing NVC.


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