The Art of Dialogue

Would you like more flow of love, care and harmony with your child(ren)?
Would you like to learn how to move from anger and conflict to peaceful connection?

'Connecting with Children'

A course based on 'Nonviolent Communication (NVC)' For parents, Teachers, coaches and whoever spends time with children


Friday mornings 09:30-12:00, 15 May - 03 July 

Due to the current situation, this course will take place online, with zoom.

Course led by Wendel Zwaal


Nonviolent Communication (NVC):
NVC is a simple, powerful, practical tool that helps us see clearly what blocks our communication, and what we can do differently to manifest and live our deepest values with children.
NVC shows us a way how to create sustainable connection and cooperation that is based on intrinsic motivation from both sides.  

We will focus on the coming skills:

  • How to transform conflict into dialogues with understanding and connection (from both sides)
  • How to hear and understand what your child is REALLY saying, no matter how he/she expresses it (empathic listening)
  • How to stand clearly for our boundaries without using threats or punishments
  • How to move from being a policeman/policewoman, into just being humans together  
  • How to practice self-care while caring for my child(ren)/family 


And we will focus on the coming skills:
❀  How to transform anger into connection (from both sides)
❀  Empathic listening- how to hear what your child is saying, no matter how they express it 
❀  How to deeply listen to ourselves, to the depth of what is important to us, and how to communicate that in a way that fosters compassion and cooperation 
❀  How to stand clearly for our boundaries without using threats or punishments
❀  How to create peaceful dialogues that include and connect us all
❀  And more and more...

The 'Connecting with Children is similar in content to the Basic course, so it both fits people with no previous experience with NVC as well as for people with experience who would like to deepen their Embodiment and / or longing to focus on using NVC with children.


In an interactive and safe learning environment, we will be invited to work on examples from our own life. We will practice “Nonviolent Communication” through demonstrations, role-playing and exercises in order to integrate the NVC values and language more in our own daily lives.

* The course provides a child-free learning environment to honor many students’ needs for focus, concentration, relaxation and learning.

Materials to read:  

There is no requirement for reading before joining the course. 
There are many NVC books available- if you wish for an advice with which to start, you are welcome to contact us.
At the end of each session, you will receive by email a handout- a summary of the last session.




Friday mornings 09:30-12:00, 15 May - 03 July


Fee:  For this 08 sessions course, the fee is a choice between 175-350€ (choice is depending on your income and free will)


With any question please contact us at:  
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The rest of the payment, you are asked to pay within a week after the very end of the course (we like people to pay when they know what they pay for, so that payment is more connected to gratitude and less to being a duty). If you prefer paying it earlier, this is welcome as well. 

'The regret period':  If you change your mind within 14 days after sending the prepayment and before the course has actually begun, you will receive your pre-payment back.