The Art of Dialogue


Communication with our children, why is it so difficult sometimes? 

Would you like to transform power struggles into connection? 

Resistance into mutual understanding? 

Anger into a flow of love, care and harmony?


Nonviolent Communication:

Connecting with Children

With Yoram Mosenzon (Netherlands/Israel)

10:00–17:00 Prague

This weekend will be a mixture of an introduction to ‘Nonviolent Communication (NVC)’ focused on Connecting with Children.

This workshop is dedicated to parents, educators, coaches, and anyone spending time with children (and honestly- anyone who spend time with people).This workshop would suit people with and without NVC experience.  You do not need to prepare anything in advance. 

In this weekend you will learn:

  • How to transform anger into connection
  • Empathic listening- how to hear what your child is really trying to say
  • How to move from being a policeman/woman to being authentic human
  • How to stand clearly for our boundaries without using threats or punishments
  • How to deeply listen to ourselves so that our expression convey the loving
  • intentions behind our words and reactions
  • And more…

About Nonviolent Communication (NVC) 

NVC is a practical communication tool that radically transforms your relationship with yourself and others.

NVC is a concrete ‘HOW TO’ create and re-create connection, understanding, clarity and true co-operation between people.

NVC takes you from your meditation cushion into real life- it helps you live your deep values in million of day to day life situations and relationships.

NVC deeply transform your communication with yourself toward the quality of profound compassion.

NVC  is a simple, practical and powerful tool that helps us understand what blocks communication and what we can do differently to live and interact with our children according to our deepest values.

NVC shows us how to create sustainable connection and cooperation that is based on intrinsic motivation from both sides.


How is Yoram teaching?

The way Yoram is teaching is 35% Theory and 65% of Practice/Demonstration/Learning from LIVE situations that are happening in the here and now. His focus is very much on the Embodied aspect of Nonviolent Communication.

In an interactive and safe learning environment, we will be invited to work on examples from our own life. We will practice NVC through demonstrations, role-playing and exercises in order to support the NVC values and language to become more integrated in our life.


This workshop will be held in English with Czech translation


4.200 CZK, at the payment until 31.8. you will get a discount 25% and will pay 3.200 CZK.