Yoram Mosenzon

Yoram Mosenzon

CNVC certified trainer

I was born and lived in Israel until the age of 25 (1999) after which I moved to Europe to continue with my dance and performance career.

As an NVC trainer, I am now based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


23 years ago, I was extremely lucky to meet NVC and it completely changed my life. I became incredibly passionate about applying it to every aspect of my life. In fact, in 2008, I made the decision to leave behind all of my artistic activities so that I could dedicate myself fully to sharing and living NVC.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of leading thousands of workshops all over the world in English, French, and Hebrew. I’ve been able to connect with so many people and learn to integrate and share NVC.

As part of my work, I also offer mediation sessions, which I find incredibly fulfilling. They provide me with a personal laboratory to better understand human dynamics, and I enjoy being able to support people in many delicate and intimate situations.

Ultimately, my biggest source of learning comes from the countless exchanges I have with people on a day-to-day basis. Every conversation is a chance to refine and deepen my embodied NVC awareness and skills, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue learning and growing in this way.


I am excited about NVC as a super simple and powerful tool that supports me again and again to create and maintain true cooperation, connection and love- both between people and within myself.

For me NVC is taking my meditation cushion into real life and living my deep values in millions of everyday life situations. NVC is a very concrete HOW TO that helps me to manifest compassion, self love, and love for others.

NVC is very effectively used in mediation and conflict resolution (on a personal level as well as on organizational and international levels). NVC shows a way for a social change and a revolution in our methods of education.

My approach

I am passionate about the tiny, tinier and tiniest details of what is going on between, and within, people. I love depth and I love meeting on the level of the very personal. I focus on revealing layers of authenticity and on the power of Compassion and Empathy.

My aim is to empower individuals (myself included) to act out of choice and inner clarity.

In group dynamics I foster clarity and aliveness, while concentrating on embodying and practicing aspects of the learning much more than on understanding the theory.

I support the mission of the International Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) by leading workshops around the globe in English, French and in Hebrew.

I specialize in Couples sessions & Mediation and one-on-one Empathy Healing Sessions

Spiritual practices

I am deeply and continuously nourished by my long trainings in bodywork methods. I spent 15 years as a dancer, dedicating my full time to bodywork. Tai-Chi, Butoh, Dance, Alexander Technique, Yoga, Paula technique and many others. My body is my main spiritual leader.
I was also influenced by methods such as “The Work” of Byron Katie and more.
And mostly, I learn through million of exchanges (and conflicts) with people, searching the path of Honesty & Empathy in every exchange day by day.


I am one of the 4 initiators of LIFE! / DSA which is a democratic NVC school for children ages 0-21 in Amsterdam.

Languages: English, Hebrew, French

My Vision & Mission

Applying the Nonviolent Communication principles, I envision a new paradigm of existence, for myself and for others. My mission is to facilitate the creation of life-serving systems, social structures, relationships, and the relationship to self. I do this by living and teaching the process of Nonviolent Communication, which strengthens the ability of people to compassionately connect with themselves and others, share resources and resolve conflicts.

Nonviolent Communication is a simple ‘technique’ giving a concrete tool, a ‘how to’ to create a society where everyone’s needs are met peacefully, joyfully and respectfully. My mission is to progressively contribute and take part in an educational and social transformation, walk toward a secret field: “Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there”. Rumi