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The Healing power of “Sure”

It is with expanding joy that I announce that our new website is online !!!!
Below is a story- a precious unexpected gift I received while working with my web Developer/Designer.

The Healing power of “Sure”: 

I didn’t know Jonathan (The Web Developer/Designer) before starting to work on the website, which is a risky start for such a project. We embarked on a journey, being in a boat together for a whole year. While working together I realized something that was particularly meaningful to me:
Each time I asked him to change something on the website he said: “Sure”.

So often when working with people (builders, designers, doctors…), in a certain moment I start feeling a tension- Sensing that the other start to be irritated with further requests I am making. Often this tension/irritation arrives a long while before I am complete with the matter.

Jonathan says- “Sure”. Each time when I ask for a change- as if he knew and expected there will be more changes and requests to come, he receives each request with a little smile- “Sure”. This little word- SURE – relaxes every cell in my body, as: SURE Yoram you can change your mind, SURE Yoram you would like to get the details right.”
And it goes deeper: SURE Yoram you want to express yourself, be real and not hide parts of yourself. SURE Yoram you are welcome, come. SURE Yoram I will stay with you as long as it will take, until it is done, until you are complete, until you say YES. Sure Yoram, Sure.

For those who know me, I find it so essential to be able to express “NO”. The beauty of “YES, SURE'” is not there to cover the importance of expressing “NO” when we do not experience a “YES” in us.

With much love for YES, and for NO,