Chiara Cortez

Chiara Cortez

Connecting2life Practical Assistant (PA)

I was introduced to Nonviolent Communication in 2017 when my band was going through what felt like a very painful separation.

I felt powerless to preserve the sense of connection among us in the face of pain and incompatibility. Then, I watched a video of Marshall. I was moved to tears to discover a way of speaking to each other that really met my wishes for a certain quality of connection in communication. I began to feel hopeful that another relational paradigm was possible – one that was not based on right and wrong, good and bad – but rather, one that allowed for all shades of authenticity to coexist, one that allowed us “to connect in a way that makes natural giving possible”. 

Since then, I have dedicated much of my time to learning, training, practicing and sharing NVC. The first course I took with Connecting2Life – the Mediation Year Course with Yoram in 2020 – blew me away. I took course after course thereafter, becoming a long-term student and regular assistant for Connecting2Life courses.

I live between Rome, Italy, where I was born, and Zamboanga City, Philippines. I am also a vocal improviser and circlesinging facilitator, lyricist, teacher and food guide. 

Languages: English, Italian and some French and Tagalog