Human Stories

Navigating connection through new landscapes

First Covid-19 lockdown:
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“Navigating connection through new landscapes”

❀  My inspiration around it:
“Navigating connection through new landscapes”:
I’m in a slow digestion process of the change I/we are facing, and I am imagining I am not the only one. It is far from anything I ever experienced before. I heard of such changes before, but never experienced them first hand.
This new world that I am in now, suddenly asks a complete new set of skills and face me with new challenges to learn to navigate.
Some of you are suddenly:
– Living closely in a small apartment with your children, partner or family
– Lost your job, business or your activities and daily routine.
– Some experience new level of loneliness, living in a house on their own.
– Many experience new tastes of anxiety, fear, depression and uncertainty
– etc. etc. etc.

For example- Since nearly 4 weeks I don’t have a voice, and now I can’t receive a Medical check I need due to the lockdown. This is new to me to experience that the system of support and safety around essential things is not as I am used to.

❀  The importance of Community/Human connection:
We are in New Zealand now, living in a house truck until we can go back to Europe. Few nights ago a super intense wind woke us up (shook us up) with our window being smashed at 01:00 at night, and the full intensity of the New Zealand’s wind suddenly streaming through our fragile island of safety.
I simply didn’t have the skills to protect us- not even having a hammer.
Luckily a neighbor miraculously saw me, patched it, and gave us back safety for the night to rest in.
As a friend of mine said to me: “During these uncertain days, the only thing that is left is the connections we have with the human beings around us”.

I want to fall back into the only thing that is certain- which is the support and the simple existence of human beings around me.