The Art of Dialogue

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Relationships with others… Why are they so complicated?

Once again you find yourself shouting at your children, angry with your mother, disappointed with your friends, jealous around your partner, complaining about your boss…

Why doesn’t it work? Why aren’t I enjoying these relationships? Is it even possible to?

Nonviolent Communication is a simple and extremely powerful dynamic, practical and effective tool we can use to improve both our communication skills and our relationships.

Marshall Rosenberg

Marshall Rosenberg
Marshall Rosenberg

Nonviolent Communication was developed 40 years ago by the American Ph.D psychologist Marshall Rosenberg.

A student of the humanist psychologist Carl Rogers, and nourished by different sources of knowledge from east and west, Marshall Rosenberg developed a model of communication that is now used to great success all over the world between individuals, in families, schools, businesses, jails and other structures and institutions. Nonviolent Communication is also used in politics as a tool for “conflict resolution” and “mediation” between groups, militants, tribes and governments. And above all, Nonviolent Communication is a revolutionary approach to transforming our relationship both with ourselves and to those around us - our family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and so on......

How is it possible to create a dialogue where it least seems possible?
How can I express myself unflinchingly honestly and without judgment?
How is it possible to finally feel understood…?

Nonviolent Communication assumes that under each action we take there is a “human need” trying to be fulfilled. “WAR” is the tension between the different strategies that have been chosen to meet those particular needs. When we actually meet on the level of these “Needs” we find no conflict and therefore no war. When we take the time and have the skills to see the other’s needs behind each of their actions, a deep understanding can be established, trust can grow, a collaboration can take place, and a new creative paradigm can unfold with new strategies in place that can meet everyone’s needs at once!

How can we create power with people rather than power over people?
How can we say goodbye to compromising, and create a dynamic community where everybody’s needs are considered and fulfilled?

Nonviolent Communication is a revolutionary model to foster consciousness-transformation and social change.

And finally- How can I act out of my own choice rather than my fear?

Imagine a world where you don’t have to fight either for recognition or for self-esteem...
Imagine a world where others support you being yourself as you are, and this contributes to their own well-being...

"What a beautiful world it would be…"
Yoram Mosenzon