The Art of Dialogue

IMG_8497_cut.jpgYoram Mosenzon

Yoram Mosenzon
Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) 

Hello and thank you for coming,

I am an International Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. More about me.

I am fascinated by people. There is nothing on the planet that attracts my attention more than people do. 
And yet... it is not as easy... whenever I am around people (especially around the ones I am the closest with)- Love and Cooperation do not always flow in the way I wish it to flow (to say the least)...
Nonviolent Communication is the most powerful tool I found (so far) to help me, again and again, live my deepest values with the people around me (and with myself!). More about Nonviolent Communication.

I offer a wide variety of NVC courses, workshops and trainings in Amsterdam, as well as abroad- in France, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Israel/Palestine and more.

For an overview see: Courses and Workshops.
Few examples:

In Amsterdam:

❀  Year Course 2016-2017: "Embodying & Teaching NVC", on the road to becoming an NVC trainer

❀ Upcoming courses (Starting May 2016): Basic Course , Intermediate Course , Advance Course and Connecting with Children

❀ 5 days summer retreat: The Art of Living Together

❀ Year Course for teachers & educators: Connecting with Students

International Workshops:

❀  France:  5 months Course (Beginners) ,  5 months course (Advance) and 5 days summer retreat The Art of Living
❀  Belgium: 
 Year Course 'Embodying & Teaching NVC' 2016-17       
❀  Swiss:   Nonviolent Communication weekend
❀  Poland:   Mediation - year long training      
❀  Israel:  5 Days Mediation training and 3 days advance workshop
❀ Germany:  'Nonviolent Communication' workshop
❀ Italy:  'Nonviolent Communication' workshop 
❀ USA:   9 days International Intensive Training 

For individuals, couples and families, you can look at One on One Sessions (in person, by phone or on Skype), Couple sessions & Mediation and a special program Coming to live with you, to help bring back love, harmony, creativity and freedom into your and your family life.

For any questions, feel free to contact us.

With much passion for meaning,

Yoram Mosenzon