The Art of Dialogue

IMG_8497_cut.jpgYoram Mosenzon

Yoram Mosenzon
Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) 

Hello and thank you for coming,

I am an International Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) trainer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. More about me.

I am fascinated by people. There is nothing on the planet that attracts my attention more than people do. 
And yet... it is not as easy... whenever I am around people (especially around the ones I am the closest with)- Love and Cooperation do not always flow in the way I wish it to flow (to say the least)...
Nonviolent Communication is the most powerful tool I found (so far) to help me, again and again, live my deepest values with the people around me (and with myself!). Or more simply said: NVC is to take my meditation cushion into real life. More about Nonviolent Communication.

I offer a wide variety of NVC courses, workshops and trainings in Amsterdam, as well as abroad- in France, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Israel/Palestine and more.

For an overview see: Courses and Workshops.
Few examples:

In Amsterdam:

❀ Year Course 2017-18  Embodying & Teaching NVC : on the road to becoming an NVC trainer

❀ Year Course in Mediation (Mediation, not Meditation):  NVC Mediation 

❀ Upcoming courses October till December 2017:
Basic Course
Intermediate Course
Advance Course
Connecting with Children

International Workshops:

❀  France:  5 months Course (Beginners)  and  5 months course (Advance) 

❀  Ireland:   Connecting in Conflict 

❀ Turkey:  Connecting in Conflict

Other offerings:
❀ Couple sessions & Mediation For couples, families, buisness partners etc. (In person, by phone or Skype)

❀  One on One Sessions for individuals (In person, by phone or Skype)


For any questions, feel free to contact us.

With much passion for meaning,

Yoram Mosenzon