Advanced Course

Living NVC with yourself and in every aspect of life

Advanced Course

Go deeper into the subtleties and applications of NVC

Course in English

With Yoram

This course will take place ONLINE using Zoom

Cours is written in Amsterdam time zone: During summer time it is called CEST. During winter time it is CET:

In English:

Monday evenings with Yoram:
09 session course: 24 July – 18 September, 18:30-21:30

Details about the trainer:  Yoram

→  The courses will be held online with Zoom. Online sessions will be recorded and made available for participants to view (not to download) until 3 weeks after the course is over.

* Details about the ‘Living Compassion- Deepening’ Course by Nadine: scroll down

Advanced Course with Yoram or Bonno:

In this course we will go deeper into the subtleties of embodying NVC in different corners of our lives, and we will grow together as a community of (baby) Giraffes. We will be supporting each other to deepen into the NVC paradigm both inside and outside of class.

NVC is a paradigm shift. It’s a completely new and different way of thinking from the one I learned growing up. I was educated to think in terms of right and wrong – NVC replaces this with a Needs connected way of understanding my relationship with myself and others.
It’s a subtle shift, and yet a huge shift in my whole being! Each little step I take towards embodying NVC in my life brings me to a new realm of possibilities for Empathy and connection with myself and others.

I can think of no other skill more worthwhile to learn than how to be with myself and others compassionately.

I’d be delighted if you join us.


The Advanced course is not a pre-designed course. I design it session by session based on my inspiration and requests from participants. For this reason, every Advanced Course addresses different topics.

We will address topics such as:
❀ Transforming Enemy Images
❀ Being the Only Giraffe in the Dialogue
❀ The Art of Requesting – if you don’t ask, nothing will happen… Stand up for your needs!
❀ The Dynamics of Anger – how to express and listen to anger in a way that brings connection and cooperation
❀ Transforming Core Beliefs
❀ Fear Process
❀ Practicing Full Dialogue and Connecting in Conflicts
❀ The Art of Mourning
❀ Holding the delicate dynamics of demand energy to liberate us both
❀ Healing the Pain Between Us – how to transform hurt into connection/cooperation
❀ Empathy in the Body
❀ Street Giraffe
❀ Freeing from Stories – rejection stories, desperation stories and self-criticism
❀ Healing the dynamics between men and women
❀ Clearing up the Mess Dialogues
❀ And much more…

The ‘Living Compassion- Deepening’ Course by Nadine:

This course is a continuation course for anyone who has done a 6 week or longer Living Compassion course with me in the past and / or learned with Robert Gonzales. If you learned with someone else about Living Compassion or the Living Energy of Needs, please reach out to us by email beforehand.

In this course we will deepen accessing and embodying the living energy of needs by continuing to practice practices we learned in the foundational Living Compassion course.
There will be a mix of a dynamic steering based on participants interest as well as my own inspiration from Robert’s work.

Topics we might look at:

❀  How to fully stand in our power: practices for accessing self-responsibility
❀  Impact: how am I impacting another, how are others impacting me
❀  Connecting with and embracing inner wounded parts with compassion
❀  Choosing life – an NVC based process to support needs based decision making
❀  The wider world: how to be with the challenges we currently face globally

Similarly to the foundational Living Compassion course you already went through, we will be using contemplative practices, inquiries and meditation, continue to practice certain skills like pausing, sensing and being with emotions, expression and empathy from the beauty of needs, etc.

The overall intention of the course is to help us shift the center of our gravity more and more to an embodied needs based way of living and to build the habit of compassion as a response to our inner world and the world around us. I would also like to put a systemic lens on from time to time and hold the challenges in awareness that we face globally and how, what we cultivate here, can be supportive to the wider world we live in. Growing connections among ourselves as community and learning from each other are essential elements of the course.
I will mix in my own inspirations that I receive from mindfulness and yoga, the work with inner parts inspired by Internal Family Systems, neuroscientific approaches like Rick Hanson’s work, work with beliefs from Byron Katie’s approach and inspiration I receive from my NVC colleagues and friends.
I would be delighted to see you again!


Group (for both courses)

You will be invited to work on examples from your own life in an interactive and safe learning environment. We will practice through demonstrations, role-play and exercises in order to integrate the underlying values and consciousness more into our daily lives.

Extra support (in both courses)

Assistants: We will have assistants accompanying us during this course. They’ve already completed the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Year Courses with us and are engaged in their steps toward teaching/sharing NVC.
For the Living Compassion course, they have done Living Compassion work either with Nadine or Robert Gonzales before or both.

Desired Amount of Experience

These courses are open to you if you’ve completed a minimum of 60 hours of NVC training, or have completed Connecting2life’s Basic and Intermediate Courses.
In case of doubt, write us at:


All courses are written in Amsterdam time zone: During summer time it is called CEST. During winter time it is CET:

In English:

Monday evenings with Yoram:
09 session course: 24 July – 18 September, 18:30-21:30

Details about the trainer:  Yoram

→  The courses will be held online with Zoom. Online sessions will be recorded and made available for participants to view (not to download) until 3 weeks after the course is over.

Number of participants in the courses

The max number of participants for the course with Yoram is 60.


For the 09 session course: the fee is a choice of between €225-€450 (choice is depending on your income and free will).

→  The choice of fees depends on your income and free will. The idea behind a sliding scale is that we all have different current financial situations, and we like to be flexible so that your financial contribution fits your financial situation as well as your personal wish to support us.
→  Invoices are Vrijgesteld (VAT free).

❤ Regarding Money
We wouldn’t want money to prevent anyone from learning NVC! We see money as a strategy to care for the sustainability of our giving. It’s important for us to have a sense of mutual contribution. ‘Receiving’ supports us in meeting our practical stability (money), as well as supports us emotionally to be in balance and keep our hearts open to more giving. While we stand firmly for our need of mutual contribution, we’re flexible about possible strategies on how to meet this need. Money is our preferred strategy, as it’s easy for us to transfer it to the exact things that contribute to us. That being said, if the amount we ask would prevent you from joining, we can offer the following:
1. If you’re coming from a country where the income/currency is lower than the prices in euros, we’re open to finding a price that makes sense and keeps hearts open.
2. If you’re currently having a challenging period financially, you can pay us at a later date when your finances are better. Sometimes people even pay us a few years later.
3. We’re open to brainstorming other ways you can contribute to us, though it’s not always easy to find things that both you would enjoy contributing and that would actually be contributing to us.


At the end of each session, you will receive by email:
– A written summary of the session
– A Zoom recording of the session to view (not for download), available until 3 weeks after the course is over.

To book your place:

To book your place, simply follow the 3 steps below.
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3. Complete the €70 non-refundable prepayment (To see the complete course fee click on the tab ‘Practical information’).
Regarding the remainder of the payment:
 We ask that you pay the remainder of the course fees within a week of finishing the course. We suggest you pay at the end because we like people to know what they’re paying for. We do this because we wish for your payment to be more connected to gratitude rather than to a sense of duty. If you prefer to pay earlier this is also welcome.

‘The regret period’:  If you change your mind within 14 days after sending the prepayment (and 3 days before the course has actually begun), we will fully refund your prepayment.

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