Introduction to Mediation: 5 sessions course

5 sessions introduction to Mediation

Introduction to Mediation: 5 sessions course

Life skill, professional skill

Thursdays 12 May - 09 June 2022

With CNVC certified trainer and mediator Yoram Mosenzon


Mediator is both the name of a profession and a crucial role in life and society. My wish is that all human beings on this planet acquire the skill to mediate.

To whom

This 5 sessions course is an introduction to Mediation. It is designed for those of you who want to learn mediation as a life skill and/or aim to have it as a profession. 

Mediation is a fundamental social skill

If you spend time with children, friends, colleagues, or in any kind of meeting or gathering, then you surely have some mediation skills already.

Conflict is not necessarily when two or more people shout at each other. There are many scales (small to large) of challenges, misunderstandings, tensions and unspoken frustration whenever there is cooperation between people.

Mediation in daily life

Mediation as a practice in daily life is based on the assumption that the structure of two is not enough. When two people are stimulated they are less available to Empathize, to see the beauty in one another. The mediator is simply a third party who is not stimulated and has the skills to help create connection, cooperation and creativity to discover and meet everyone’s needs.

My dream

I wish mediation was a basic life skill that was taught in schools starting at the age of 3… I dream of a world where all human beings have mediation skills to support understanding, cooperation and connection when conflicts, misunderstandings or differences in opinion arise.

You will be introduced to the Art and Craft of Mediation

❀  How to enjoy conflict – staying centered when a conflict becomes heated

❀  The role of mediator – what a mediator is actually responsible for, and how to make it fun and meaningful rather than feel like a stressful job

❀  Mediation structure: pre-mediation, mediation, post mediation

❀  The 5 Movements of Passing a Message – the basic rhythm of a mediation

❀  The practice of Interruption that Brings Connection

❀  Deepening Empathic skills – Empathy as the bread and butter of mediation

❀  Mediating beyond a ‘NO’- How to lead dialogue towards sustainable agreements

❀  Mediating beyond opinions

❀  “Instead of going to court, shall we go deeper?” – when a conflict seems stuck we can always go one layer deeper until connection and cooperation naturally surface

❀  How to be impartial

❀  And more…

This course will

Give you an embodied taste of the role of a Mediator.
5 sessions course is an introduction to Mediator. To do the full path, you are welcome to join the Mediation Year Course

Desired amount of Experience

I find it very helpful if people joining this program have already acquired a base in understanding the 4 Steps (of NVC) and Empathy.




5 Thursdays 12 May – 09 June

18:30-21:30 CET time zone


This course is organized by NVC Academy.
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Extra support

Assistants: We will have about 10 assistants accompanying us during this course. They’ve already completed the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Year courses with us and are engaged in their steps toward teaching/sharing NVC.

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This course is organized by NVC Academy.
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