Dialogues in Polarized time: Regarding Covid-19 measures

Navigating conversations in an Interdependent world

Dialogues in Polarized time: Regarding Covid-19 measures

Meeting beyond opinions

December 14th 2021, 18:30-21:30 (CET time zone)

Free ONLINE session offered to the community

About this free session

I see sooooooo many fraught conversations around Covid-19 measures and vaccinations- even between life partners, family members and close friends (let alone at work and with other acquaintances).
People quickly get into a fight, experiencing tension, anger, and a sense of being misunderstood. A deep sense of separation happens between people where it is hard to bridge and re-connect.
This is happening on a personal level as well as on national and international levels.
Sometimes it’s really hard to have a dialogue with a person who strongly supports an opinion that is different to ours. Quickly we lose a sense of common ground, a sense of being a team, and a sense of holding each other. A place where we can meet.
Painfully, when having a difference in opinion, we face the choice between arguing and defending on one hand, or withdrawing on the other- to avoid hurting (ourselves and others). Sadly, both choices have a huge cost of separation.
Covid-19 brought us into, what seems to me, a very sweet point of clarity about how interdependent we are. And with this- the need to hold it together, learn and grow in our capacity to live interdependence.
This call is aimed to be a place to meet beyond opinions (and beliefs), and create the palpable experience of togetherness beyond differences, through discovering the deeper human layers under opinions we hold- to meet in the place of ‘what really matters to us’- and explore how to navigate it together.

Session's structure

After sharing some basic ideas regarding ‘going beyond opinions’, I will invite dialogues between different opinions regarding covid measures (vaccination, green pass etc.). Dialogue will take the form of either Mediation or Role Plays.
While dialogues will be happening in the main rooms, participants are also welcome to go into breakout room to practice similar dialogues.

Examples of opinions we might address

● Getting vaccinated by a large majority is the only way we will end this pandemic
● Governments should not impose harsh mandates, they are taking away our freedoms. They control us.
● If you don’t get vaccinated you are selfish, misinformed and dangerous.
● Vaccination is dangerous for the health and it will create a mass destruction
● If people choose not to vaccinate then it is their fault that they can’t travel or go to restaurants. You make your bed, you lie in
● People who vaccinate are brainwashed by corrupt mass media.
● I don’t have time to hear your conspiracy theories. If you don’t believe in science, I don’t know how to speak to you.
● We should make vaccination mandatory
● Etc. etc.


December 14th 2021
From 18:30 to 21:30 (CET time zone)


Online, using Zoom

How to register:

Send an email with your full name to:

On the day of the event you will receive the Zoom link.

The event is open to everyone, no NVC skill is required.


This session is free of charge.

If you like to donate or contribute (we did have €100 expenses) it will be fun for us, though it is not needed.
Our bank account:

Account name:  connecting2life
IBAN:      NL52TRIO0197688594


The session will be recorded. The recording will be shared with all who registered for 3 days, and then will be taken offline.
Some parts might be used to be posted on YouTube as an inspiration.