Year Course: Embodying & Teaching NVC

Train the Trainer

Year Course: Embodying & Teaching NVC

On the road to becoming an NVC trainer

10-month course, October 2021 - July 2022, The Netherlands

With CNVC certified trainer Yoram Mosenzon

Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled to invite you to our 10th ‘Train the Trainer’ Year Course in Amsterdam. (10th !!!! Which is actually our 16th in total together with the year courses we led in France and Belgium).

This training is aimed at people who want to have a deep dive into the very Embodiment (together with a group of NVC enthusiasts), as well as wishing to slowly move toward sharing NVC: In the form of offering 1 on 1 sessions as well as in Teaching NVC.

Course Intention

This course is meant for those of you who would like to take the next steps toward:

 Embodying NVC:

Creating a context to deepen NVC, manifesting it in millions of situations in our lives. For me teaching NVC comes directly from the way we embody it – this is the bread and butter of it all.

Learning NVC is different from learning mathematics. It’s not something you can ‘study and then know it’. I experience the learning deepening in spirals of embodiment, leading to super-powerful paradigm shifts, skills and awareness. 

 Teaching NVC:

Learning and gaining confidence in:

→ Offering 1 on 1 Empathy sessions

→ Teaching/sharing NVC

→ Team and community building

→ Coaching and consulting based on NVC

→ Being a leader of a group/team/community, etc.


Course Content:

Offering 1 on 1 Empathy Sessions

Learning Empathy is a lifelong practice. This year will be a great opportunity to practice, practice, practice towards gaining confidence and skills in offering private empathy sessions. There will be 4 workshop days solely dedicated to gaining and deepening Empathy skills. We will learn such practices as Deepening Empathy Skills, Role Play, About ‘Healing’, Empathizing with Inner Jackals and more. There are 2 extra contexts where you will be invited to practice those skills:

Empathy Buddy:

Once a week you will be invited to have a 40 minute to 1 hour phone/Skype/Zoom Empathy practice with another participant from the course. The focus will be on specific exercises or general “emotional hygiene”. This will give you the opportunity to practice Empathy and also give you regular empathic support for any life issues you are dealing with.

Empathy Project:

You will be invited to choose a person(s) to whom you will offer (at least) 20 hours of empathy sessions.

I’m particularly excited about this idea, as I believe it can meet many needs. A couple of examples are:

– Learning, gaining confidence and experience in offering Empathic Listening

– Contribution to people and society

This will play as an Empathy Lab where we can try things out, deepen and expand our skills, gaining clarity and capacity in Empathic Listening. We will reflect on our personal challenges in regards to Empathic Listening together, as a group, giving us a chance to learn from each other.

Teaching NVC

Teaching NVC to others is one of the most powerful ways to deepen learning and embodiment that I’ve experienced. We will focus on:

Learning to teach NVC:

We will touch on such points as:

→ Tips and structures for introducing NVC: Introducing NVC to a single person, a group, in a course setting, a workshop or an evening introduction

→ Dealing with teaching challenges: Looking at the choices you have as a trainer. Exploring ways to stay human in all situations, truly living the principles of NVC at all times

→ How to answer questions: Recognizing the choice of when to answer a question versus seeing it as a request for Empathy 

→ Role play facilitating a group: Group consent decision making processes

→ And more…

Teaching each other:

You will be invited to prepare a 45 minute lesson on any NVC subject one or two times during the program. 

You will be invited to teach this subject to 3 participants and support them through an exercise to embody the learning material. In this way you will gain experience in explaining NVC, answering questions, leading/coaching exercises, and leading sessions.

Community building

NVC is a set of skills that helps me to live interdependently in the world. Each time I teach a group a community is created. We will explore community, NVC and teaching in the following ways:

→ Learning how to build a sense of safety that allows Honesty and Vulnerability. How to create a group where one can truly be themselves.

→ Exploring how to create the experience of Inclusion, where people experience they matter and feel they have a place in the group.

The Art of Living Together: Community building weekends. I once saw a performance called If You Really Want to get to Know Me, Come and Live with Me. I don’t remember the performance itself well, but the title has stayed with me for years. We will live, eat, breathe, and practice NVC together 24/7.

We will look into subjects such as: Radical empathy and honesty, inclusion, safety, consensus group decision making, choice, freedom, self-care and more.

Online group:

We create an online group (such as FB) specifically for the members of this year’s course. It’s a platform for sharing with each other your celebrations, mournings, questions, requests, challenges, wonders… We’ve found it a special community space for connection, sharing and learning in past courses.


Desired amount of experience

I find it very helpful if people joining this program have already acquired a base in understanding the 4 Steps (of NVC) and Empathy. We ask that you have a minimum of 100 hours previous NVC training before joining. If you have questions or doubts about how your level of experience fits this course you’re welcome to share this with us and we can figure it out together.


FORT aan de Klop :
1e Polderweg 4, 3563 MC, Utrecht 

Exact Dates

08-10 October 2021
10-12 December 2021
04-06 February 2022
01-03 April 2022
27-29 May 2022
01-03 July 2022

Time plan


18:30-21:00  Community Connection time


07:00-08:00  Physical well being

08:00-09:00 Breakfast

09:00-13:00:   Sessions

13:00-15:00 Lunch Break

15:00-18:00 Sessions

18:00-20:00 Dinner 

20:00-20:45 Community time: Celebration & Mourning


07:00-08:00  Physical well being

08:00-09:00 Breakfast

09:00-13:00:   Sessions

13:00-14:30 Lunch Break

14:30-18:00 Session and round up


Fee is a choice between €2500 – €5000
* Fee includes full food & Accommodation for the 6 weekends.

→  The choice of fees depends on your income and free will. The idea behind a sliding scale is that we all have different current financial situations, and we like to be flexible so that your financial contribution fits your financial situation as well as your personal wish to support us.

→  Invoices are Vrijgesteld (VAT free).

❤ Regarding Money:
We wouldn’t want money to prevent anyone from learning NVC! We see money as a strategy to care for the sustainability of our giving. It’s important for us to have a sense of mutual contribution. ‘Receiving’ supports us in meeting our practical stability (money), as well as supports us emotionally to be in balance and keep our hearts open to more giving. While we stand firmly for our need of mutual contribution, we’re flexible about possible strategies on how to meet this need. Money is our preferred strategy, as it’s easy for us to transfer it to the exact things that contribute to us. That being said, if the amount we ask would prevent you from joining, we can offer the following:
1. If you’re coming from a country where the income/currency is lower than the prices in euros, we’re open to finding a price that makes sense and keeps hearts open.
2. If you’re currently having a challenging period financially, you can pay us at a later date when your finances are better. Sometimes people even pay us a few years later.
3. We’re open to brainstorming other ways you can contribute to us, though it’s not always easy to find things that both you would enjoy contributing and that would actually be contributing to us.

Time Investment

→  Training days: 6 full weekends (Friday evening till Sunday)

→  Call with your Empathy buddy: minimum 1 hour a week

→  Empathy project: minimum 20 hours

→  Preparing one or two lesson plans for teaching a 45 minute session

→  Exercise: Between classes you will be invited to explore a specific practice. You will be encouraged to focus:
Externally by bringing it to many different situations in your life.
– Internally through journaling, inner dialogues, keeping track of your challenges and learnings.


The main spoken language in the course will be English. Small group work can be held in English or in other languages (if your exercise partner speaks your language). Translation may be available if at any moment one wishes to express oneself in their own language.


Yoram is a CNVC certified trainer and will offer you a Certificate of Attendance.

This course can support you in the process towards becoming a CNVC certified trainer. It counts both as hours with a certified trainer as well as experience in sharing NVC.

Contact us if you wish for more information regarding how this course fits the requirements for becoming a certified trainer.


At the end of each meeting you will receive a summary of the learning in the last session by email. Other handouts will be provided, depending on the learning theme. 

Extra support

Assistants: We will have 8 assistants accompanying us during this course. They’ve already completed the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Year courses with us and are engaged in their steps toward teaching/sharing NVC.


In order to help us getting to know you a little please fill in this questionnaire when booking your place:

Embodying & Teaching NVC

Interests, wishes and personal details:

Thank you, we are very much looking forward to you joining us!

Yoram Mosenzon

To book your place:

To book your place, follow the steps below. If you have any questions please contact us at:

1. Read the Terms & Conditions (Many of us never read ‘Terms & Conditions’… and, we would recommend you to read this one to be sure we’re together and on the same page).
2. Fill in the form below.
3. Send us the non-refundable prepayment of €200 (When making the transfer please mention your full name and the course name to help us easily identify you).

Account name: connecting2life
IBAN: NL52TRIO0197688594
→  If your bank is outside the European union, please contact us to see if there may be a less expensive way to make your transfer.

Regarding the remainder:  We ask that you pay the remainder of the course fees within a week of finishing the course. We suggest you pay at the end because we like people to know what they’re paying for. We do this because we wish for your payment to be more connected to gratitude rather than to a sense of duty. If you prefer to pay earlier this is also welcome.

‘The regret period’:  If you change your mind within 14 days after sending the prepayment (and 3 days before the course has actually begun), we will fully refund your prepayment.