The Art of Honesty

An ONLINE Nonviolent Communication 4 days workshop

The Art of Honesty

Being me - meeting you

22-25 July 2021

With CNVC certified trainer and mediator Yoram Mosenzon

This workshop will have a consecutive translation into Japanese


→ To the website in Japanese: Link

When feelings are moving in us (such as boredom, irritations, annoyance…), we often feel stuck between two questions:

Shall I be honest (and endanger the connection)?
❀ shall I choose silence (and disappear from the connection)?

It is possible to speak a difficult truth and stay in connection with yourself and another!

→ Link to the website in Japanese: Link

The Dilemma of Honesty

So often in situations with people I find myself thinking “Should I say it, or should I not?”. Should I be honest or not? This dilemma represents a core challenge – how can I be fully me with people? It seems that if I share fully who I am, I will have tons of conflicts and pain. And if I hide parts of myself, I will not really be there.

Shall I endanger the connection or shall I disappear from the connection? Neither!

So how can we be fully and radically honest, while caring for the relationships we have?

This was the main question that brought me to Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC showed me clear and practical ways to navigate this core dilemma in millions of situations we face day to day.

During this weekend, we will practice

❀ How to be fully honest in a way that creates connection, instead of distance. How to connect with my own authenticity, while being with others

❀ How to initiate a ‘speaking the unspoken’ conversation, and navigate a challenging, scary, honest dialogue

❀ Honesty in ‘Intimate Relationships’: How to deal with the hurt that happens? What are the costs when we are not fully honest? How to be honest in Sex?

❀ How to ask for what I want: How to ‘play big’, instead of ‘playing small’

❀ How to enjoy conflicts (instead of doing everything I can to avoid them)

❀ How to hear the true intention (honesty) of the other person, no matter how they express it
❀ How to move away from ‘who is right/wrong’ into ‘being fully ourselves and enjoy our differences’

❀ How to bring life back into boring and disconnected conversations. How to make relationship meaningful to us

❀ How to act out of our own spirituality/integrity and freedom, and move away from what Marshall Rosenberg called: “living in a society of nice dead polite people.”

About NVC

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (Phd. Marshall Rosenberg) is a practical communication tool that radically transforms your relationship with yourself and others. NVC cultivates assertive honesty mixed with a deep quality of Empathy.
NVC transforms conflicts into love and clarity.


In an interactive and safe learning environment, you will be invited to work on examples from your own life. We will practice Nonviolent Communication through demonstrations, role-playing and exercises in order to integrate the NVC values and language more in our own daily lives.

When / Where

22-25 July 2021, Online

Community Time  (Orientation, self-introduction, etc.) 13:00- 15:30 Amsterdam time zone (CEST) // 20:00-22:30 Japan Standard Time (JST)

23 & 24/07
Sessions  08:30-11:00 (CEST) //  15:30-18:00 (JST)
Meal break 11:00-13:00 (CEST) //  18:00-20:00 (JST)
Session 13:00-15:30 (CEST) //  20:00-22:30 (JST)

Last Day (Celebration & Morning, Integration, Closing)
8:30-11:00 (CEST) //  15:30-18:00 (JST)


English with a consecutive translation to Japanese

Desired amount of experience

Minimum of 30 hours previous experience with NVC, or watching 1 of my youtube videos: Intro to NVC or my TED talk.


Choice between ¥80.000 ~ ¥89,000 (€618~688)

→ The choice of fees depends on your income and free will. The idea behind a sliding scale is that we all have different current financial situations, and we like to be flexible so that your financial contribution fits your financial situation as well as your personal wish to support us.

→ Invoices are Vrijgesteld (VAT free).


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‘The regret period’:  If you change your mind within 14 days after sending the prepayment, and before the course has actually begun, we will fully refund your prepayment.