Anger, Depression & Other Dear Friends: Switzerland

A Nonviolent Communication (NVC) weekend workshop

Anger, Depression & Other Dear Friends: Switzerland

Loving the brilliancy of our unpleasant emotions

28-30 May 2021, Zurich, Switzerland

With certified trainer and mediator Yoram Mosenzon


Pain, Fear, Anger, Guilt, Insecurity, Depression… these are not your favorite feelings, are they?

And yet there they are, tending to come in a variety of different moments and situations.

So why do they come and what do they have to tell us? What is the brilliancy and beauty of these emotions, and how can they serve your life and your relationships?

The learned habit

When I have an unpleasant emotion my habit is to go up to my head and think: “I have a problem. I need to do something in order to solve it, to get rid of it”.

The new habit

In my view, this deeply ingrained attitude toward our unpleasant emotions is the source of much of the suffering on the planet.

Emotions are a very precise and delicate mechanism. They are here to serve life, to bring me closer to my values and lead me to stand firmly for my needs. They are an intelligence inside me, there to lead me to the most precious places.

Wholeheartedly I can say that I love being depressed. I love guilt, fear and insecurity oh so much!

Delicate relationship

This training is dedicated to our delicate relationship with our own emotions, as well as with the emotions of others.

We will explore how we can allow unpleasant feelings and emotions to do the work they are there to do. How they can connect us with our life projects and the dreams we wish to live.

This weekend is dedicated to trusting your own body to guide your life!

This weekend is a Nonviolent Communication training inspired by my previous experience as a professional dancer and choreographer, where I dedicated 15 years to body work.

During this weekend, we will practice:

❀  The Beauty of Anger:  Enjoying Anger as a beautiful life force that is there to care for our traumas and our most vulnerable parts

❀  Liberating from Guilt: Fully realizing that Guilt does not exist. Allowing moments of Guilt to be seen as an inner conflict, experiencing The Art of Being Torn

❀  Fear as a Door to My Life Project: Using fear to help firmly connect to our life project and life strength

❀  Empathy in the Body: Welcoming unpleasant feelings and meeting their flow in the body

❀  Speaking with Myself Compassionately: Insecurity as a door to the core of our humanity

About NVC

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (Phd. Marshall Rosenberg) is a practical communication tool that radically transforms your relationship with yourself and others. NVC cultivates assertive honesty mixed with a deep quality of Empathy. NVC transforms conflicts into love and clarity.

NVC takes you from your meditation cushion into real life – it helps you live your deep values in relationships and millions of day to day life situations.
 NVC deeply transforms your communication with yourself toward a quality of profound compassion.


In an interactive and safe learning environment, you will be invited to work on examples from your own life. We will practice Nonviolent Communication through demonstrations, role-playing and exercises in order to integrate the NVC values and language more in our own daily lives.

When / Where

28-30 May 2021 (Friday 18:00-21:00, Saturday & Sunday 10:00-18:00)

Zurich, Switzerland

Desired amount of experience

Minimum of 30 hours previous experience with NVC


Choice between 320 CHF – 860 CHF (€300 – €800)

→  The choice of fees depends on your income and free will. The idea behind a sliding scale is that we all have different current financial situations, and we like to be flexible so that your financial contribution fits your financial situation as well as your personal wish to support us.


Sonja Wolfensberger, Livio Lunin, Barbara Wolfensberger, Tanja Walliser.

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