Wendel Zwaal

Wendel Zwaal


I experience NVC as the compass I always longed for after many years of feeling lost, disconnected and depressed.

After being orphaned at birth in South Korea, being adopted in the Netherlands, the divorce of my parents, emigration of my father and passing away of my mother all before reaching adulthood, I taught myself to focus on other people’s needs and to avoid conflict. I was clueless of my own needs in this world, which resulted in living with depression, anxiety and PTSD.

NVC supports me to navigate life with compassion and empathy, to connect with myself and others, and to be with what is. 

Sharing NVC in my passion in life – to be able to pass on what I’ve learned to reduce suffering and to increase connection and compassion brings meaning to my life. I also offer private sessions and mediations in English and Dutch.

I’m married and a mother of two small human beings. My kids are my inspiration to contribute to building a compassionate world, beyond right and wrong.  

Languages: English, Dutch.