Jocelyn Ames

Jocelyn Ames

English & Dutch Practical Assistant (PA)

I first came across NVC in 2012 while living in a permaculture community in Australia.

While I was inspired by the enthusiasm and motivation of the community to care for the earth and nature, I was also dismayed to witness ongoing and lasting conflicts about how this was to be done. With some despair I wondered: “How can we create an environmentally and socially sustainable future together when we struggle to cooperate with those who hold the same vision?” One day Marshall’s book fell into my hands (and was eagerly devoured) and gave me hope that true collaboration can be possible once we centre our communities around the joyful fulfillment of needs.

Since then I have set up practice groups and as of 2016 I have been a long-term student and regular assistant of connecting2life courses in the Netherlands. I thrive on deep-diving into learning, embodying and sharing NVC with others.

I’m also PA to Yoram, taking care of registrations and answering queries about the NVC courses on offer. I look forward to hearing from you if you have any queries, concerns or feedback about connecting2life and NVC!

Languages: English, Dutch, German, Spanish