Floortje Vermeiden

Floortje Vermeiden


My quest for communicating in a connecting way started in 2002 when my son was born.

I didn’t find it easy to connect with him. I was introduced to Thomas Gordon’s ‘Listening to Children’, but it was NVC that had a huge impact on me. It impacted how I express myself, how I perceive the world, and how I listen – to life, to myself and to others. It offered me the language I’d been looking for all those years. The paradigm shift that came with my discovery gave me back the joy to live after years of burn-out and depression, and it has done so ever since.

NVC adds such depth in connection with others that I am full of wonder. Sharing NVC is a way for me to deepen my practice and to keep nourishing the curiosity in me. I’ve done many courses with Yoram since 2015, including the Year Course and Mediation Year Course. I also assisted courses and workshops with Yoram and Oriane.

I am also passionate about yoga. NVC opens a door to integrating my yoga practice deeper into my body, finding a language that gives words to describe my experience. It’s my NVC-practice that gives me tools to bring yoga into life.

Languages: English, Dutch