The Art of Dialogue



09 Sessions course

1) With Yoram Mosenzon: Tuesday evenings 18:30-21:45, 08 May – 03 July 2018.

2) With Mirjam & Bonno (In Dutch): Monday evenings 18:30-21:45, 07 May - 02 July 2018 

All courses are in Amsterdam

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The 'Intermediate Course' is designed to support you to deepen and make NVC become a fluid language you will use in million of every day life situations to transform conflicts, misunderstanding into moments of connection and cooperation at home, at work and everywhere.

NVC for me is not a theory, I want to embody and live it: NVC is a paradigm shift- it is a profound change in the way I learn to think and relate to myself and others.
It is very hard to learn NVC alone. Living in 'Jackal educated society', to manage to live NVC consciousness at home and at work is highly challenging and I need support. This course is designed to grow together as a community of Giraffes to continue deepening the learning/Embodying, and support each other to live and learn NVC in and outside the classes.  


The Intermediate Course is focused on 'How to transform challenging communication blockers into connection/cooperation':

→  Connecting beyond difference in opinions

→  Learning to love our ‘triggers’ and see them as ‘opportunities’ (‘Peeling/penetrating through the layers of Authenticity’):  We will be deepening and refining Honesty skills- how to go for our truth? How to communicate in a way that creates cooperation rather than conflicts? how to stand firmly for needs (everyone's needs)?

→  How to deal with (and even enjoy!) when people complains (even about us)?

→  ‘The Art of Being torn’ (how to make decisions- alone and together?)

→  Liberating from Guilt- a core confusion that leads to tragic actions.

→  How to deal with (and even enjoy!) when people complains (even about us)?

→  ‘The beauty of the need’- deepening the core essence of NVC- the underlying magic toward cooperation and connection (with myself and others).

→  How to address and transform hurt, so that it doesn’t stay as a long lasting block in communication?

→  The challenges of ‘Demands’: 
A)  Noticing when we are demanding from others, and find alternatives (that feels as safe and even safer!!) that leads to more cooperation.
B) How to manage to keep the dialogue and stay (truly) open when people demand from you?

→  Deepening and refining empathic skills as a key in leading a dialogue that works.

→  And more and more...

At the end of each session, you will receive by email a handout- a summary of the last session.

Extra support:
Assistant:  We will have an assistant accompanying us during this course. s/he did already the Basic Course, Intermediate Course and Year Course with me and is engaged in her/his steps toward teaching/sharing NVC. 

Requirement:  A minimum of 30 hours previous NVC training experience (Basic Course)

Yoram: Tuesday evenings, 08 May-03 July 2018, 18:30-21:45
Mirjam & Bonno: Monday evenings, 07 May-02 July 2018, 18:30-21:45

 →  Yoram:  Nobelweg 9hs, 1097AP Amsterdam
  Mirjam & Bonno:  Van Beuningenstraat 110A, Amsterdam

Fee:   Between 225-450€ (choice is depending on your income and free will)
          Invoices are Vrijgesteld (VAT free). 


Pre-payment: to book your place we ask a non-refundable prepayment of 50€. 

The rest of the payment, you are asked to pay within a week after the very end of the course (we like people to pay when they know what they pay for, so that payment is more connected to gratitude and less to being a duty). If you prefer paying it earlier, this is welcome as well. 

'The regret period':  If you change your mind within 14 days after sending the prepayment and before the course has actually begun, you will receive your pre-payment back.