The Art of Dialogue

NVC Mediation

 with CNVC trainer Yoram Mosenzon (Netherlands/Israel)

7 days Mediation workshop will be separated (and connected) to:

4 days introduction to Mediation

3 days deepening

* For new comers- I would very much recommend you to join the whole 7 days.
* Only people who did the 5 days Mediation with me last year can join only the 3 days deepening.
* Recommendation for the people who did the 5 days with last year- I believe you will be able to take a lot by doing the whole 7 days, as a way of taking the 'Basics' deeper into your understanding, body and practice) 

September 2017 (exact dates to be announced)

Required amount of Experience for the 4 days introduction: 60 hours of NVC trainings.

'Mediator' is a name of a profession and also a quality of presence I can manifest in hundreds of day to day situations.

This course is designed for you who want to learn mediation both as a 'life skill' and/or aim to have it as a profession.


‘Mediation' is a fundamental social skill. ‘Conflict’ is not necessarily 2 people shout at each other. So often there are little misunderstanding, tensions, unspoken frustrations and challenges in cooperation between people- on small, medium and large scales.

‘Mediation in daily life’ is coming from the assumption that ‘The structure of 2 is not enough’. When 2 people are stimulated, they are less available to Empathize with each other (see the beauty in one another). Mediator is simply a third party who is not stimulated and have the skills to help to re-create connection and cooperation.

I would wish it to be taught in schools from the age of 6… I dream of a world where all human beings have mediation skills, to support understanding, cooperation and connection, also when conflicts, misunderstandings or difference in opinions arise.

If you happen to have time with children, friends, colleagues, or having time in group meetings and family gatherings- you surely have some Mediation skills already… 

This course will give you skills, tools, experience, clarity and competence to lead professional Mediations as well as initiate day to day Mediations in many life situations.


We will learn the Intentions, Art and Craft of Mediation:

❀  Deepening Empathic skills (Empathy being the bread & Butter of a Mediation).

❀  Mediation structure: pre-mediation, Mediation, post Mediation

❀  ‘The 5 movement of passing a message’- The basic rhythm of a Mediation.

❀  Skills in ‘interruption that brings connection'

❀  How to lead toward sustainable agreements?

❀  How to go beyond ‘NO’ (how to continue when 1 or both of the parties in conflict does not agree to a suggestion)

❀  “Instead of going to court, shall we go deep?”- Principles in bringing depth that move conflict into connection

❀  How to be impartial?

❀  Self-connection and self-expression as a mediator

❀  How to go beyond concepts of fairness?

❀  Inner mediation to inner conflict (Mediating conflict between different voices within one person)

❀  How to enjoy conflicts, and how to stay centered when conflict become ‘hot’?

What really is the role of a Mediator and what the Mediator is really ‘responsibility’ for?  →  How to make Mediation into a fun meaningful moment rather than as a stressed/pressure job.

❀  And more...



Often in Trios, we will practice role-plays and real life examples (including LIVE situations that happen in the here and now)- to learn and embody the NVC and mediation skills into your life.


Where: Israel (place to be announced

When:   September 2017 (exact dates to be announced)

Price:  To be announced  

Registration & Information:  Shanya: