The Art of Dialogue


An advance workshop dedicated to you and the people you love (partner, family, friends):

"Nonviolent Communication in our Intimate Relationships"
A deepening workshop into NVC

With CNVC certified trainer Yoram Mosenzon

24-26 August 2017, Near Jerusalem, Israel

Living NVC with the people we love most, is often the biggest challenge.

In this workshop we will focus on Transforming the following ‘love killers’:
→ Demands: How to deal with ‘demand energy’ (of ourselves and of the people we love)? 
→ Expectation/disappointment: What to do with all those expectations (spoken and even worth- the unspoken ones)? What to do with endless disappointments?
→ Hurt: How to communicate our pains (when they come… And they come..) in a way that brings more closeness rather than distance to our connection? How to make sure we do not accumulate more and more hurt, until there is no way back…? How to enjoy the hurt of the other? And how to enjoy being with one another without overwhelming ourselves with endless processing of pain…?
→ Judgment/Blame: instead of using all our energies to show the other how they need to change (judging & Blaming)- how to take the power back to where I have influence? Inspiring.
→ Anger: how to enjoy being angry? And how to enjoy the anger of the other? How to support each other to ‘live our emotions fully’?
→ Guilt: Seeing the surprising ways guilt kills love, and how to liberate ourselves from destructive dynamics that kills love?

And we will focus on learning:
❀ How to support both of us to be free? And why to want the other to be free?
❀ What really Love is? And how to nourish it? 
❀ How to become a team instead of enemies? What are the keys to intrinsic cooperation?
❀ love key: How to be fully me, while being with you? (as if I am not ‘me’, there is no one here to love you).
❀ What is the path of inclusion? And why to choose it?
❀ NVC & sex ☺
❀ Loving conflict ≠ Avoiding conflicts

In an interactive and safe learning environment, we will be invited to work on examples from our own life. We will practice NVC through demonstrations, role-plays and exercises to integrate NVC in our day-to-day life.

Minimum amount of experience:
For this workshop, we ask a minimum of 30 hours previous expeirence at NVC workshops.

About Yoram Mosenzon:
CNVC certified trainer, Coach and a Mediator, Yoram was a dancer/choreographer when he came across NVC 14 years ago. 6 years ago, he decided to stop all his artistic activities in order to dedicate his time and energy fully to sharing NVC. Yoram is now teaching NVC internationally to the general public, teachers in schools, university, parents, businesses and teams. He is teaching in The Netherlands, France, Israel/Palestine, Belgium, Poland, USA, and more.

Yoram understands Hebrew yet prefer to teach in English. The participants may speak in Hebrew or English

The workshop is three day long and participation is possible only for the full 3 days (and not part of the time). The participants are asked to stay in the location where the workshop will be held. For special requests please contact us.
Sleeping arrangments options are: Sleeping in a tent/dormitory for the additional cost on 50 ils per night, or in rooms that cost 130-450 ils per night, depending on the tipe, size and number of roomates.

Number of places in the workshop is limited, your place will be reserved only after filling the registration form and sending a 400 ils cheque as a down payment.

The cost: 1200 Ils for the three days, not including lodging

For registration, please fill the registration form.
If you are a non-Hebrew speaker, please text Noa and she will contact you.

For questions contact Noa, if there is no answer, please text or email her.

Down payment cheque will not be returned in case of cancellation