The Art of Dialogue


Pain, Fear, Anger, Guilt, Insecurity, Depression… These feelings are not your favorites, aren’t they?
And yet, they are there, they tend to come in different moments and situations.
So why are they there? What is the ‘beauty’ of those emotions and how could these emotions serve your life and your relationships?

“Anger, Guilt, Fear, Depression and Other Dear Friends”

With CNVC certified trainer Yoram Mosenzon (Israel/Netherlands)

29 June-01 July 2018, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Friday 18:30-21:30, Saturday 10:00-18:00, Sunday 10:00-17:00


When I have an unpleasant emotion, my habitual way is to go up to my head and think: “I have a problem”, and “I need to do something in order to solve it, to get rid of it”. In my view, this profoundly learned attitude toward the unpleasant emotions, is the source of much of the suffering on the planet.

An emotion is a very precise and delicate mechanism that is there to serve life, that is there to bring me closer to my values and lead me to stand firmly for my needs. It is an intelligence that is there, in me, to lead me into the most precious places. Full heartedly I can say: I love being depressed, I love guilt, I love fear and oh... I love insecurity soooooo much.

This workshop is dedicated to our delicate relationship with our own emotions, as well as with the emotions of others:
“How to allow the unpleasant feeling do the work it is there to do - to help me get connected with my life projects and the life I dream to live?”

This weekend is a 'Nonviolent Communication' workshop that is inspired by my previous 15 years of dedication to body work (while I was a professional dancer and choreographer).

On this weekend, we will focus on inner processes such as:
* ‘The beauty of Anger’ - Enjoying Anger as a beautiful life force that is there to care for our most vulnerable spots and traumas.
* ‘Liberating from guilt’ - Getting full inner clarity that Guilt does not exist, and letting guilt moment turn into inner conflict of: ‘The Art of Being Torn’.
* ‘Fear as a door to my life project’ - Using my fears to help me firmly connect to my life project and life strength.
* ‘Loving my depression’ - Depression as a key in Self-Connection.
* ‘Empathy in the body’- Welcoming unpleasant feelings and meeting their flow in the body’.
* ‘Speaking with myself compassionately’ - Insecurity as a door to the core of our humanity’.
And we will not have time to address them all...

About 'Nonviolent Communication (NVC)': 
NVC is a practical communication tool that radically transforms your relationship with yourself and others. NVC is a concrete ‘HOW TO’ create and re-create connection, understanding, clarity and true co-operation between people. 
NVC takes you from your meditation cushion into real life- it helps you live your deep values in a million of day to day life situations and relationships.
NVC deeply transforms your communication with yourself toward the quality of profound compassion.

About Yoram:
CNVC certified trainer, coach and a mediator. Yoram was a dancer/choreographer when he discovered NVC 17 years ago. 10 years ago he decided to stop all his artistic activities in order to dedicate his full time and energy for sharing this important message. Yoram is now teaching NVC internationally full-time in the Netherlands, France, Israel/Palestine, Belgium, Poland, Italy, the USA and more.
Yoram is one of 4 founders of the Giraffe school: L.I.F.E! (Learning In Free Environment) in Amsterdam for children aged 4-18.
Yoram’s TED talk:
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Dates & Times: 29th June - 1st July (Friday 18:30-21:30, Saturday 10:00-18:00, Sunday 10:00-17:00)

Location: Gorse Hill, Bray Head, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Workshop Fee: €190-€380 Early Bird discounted fee (valid until 1st April 2018, 11pm GMT), after that €210-€420 regular fee (Choice is depending on your income and free will). **Fee does not include the food. Additional delicious healthy lunches by The Happy Pear will be available on request on both days.**

Registration: For registration and further questions, send an email to us at: