The Art of Dialogue


 Weekend workshop in 'Nonviolent Communication (NVC)':

The Art of Listening:  Listening to others / Listening to ourselves

With CNVC certified trainer and Mediator Yoram Mosenzon

09-10 November 2019, Gent, Belgium


So often I hear people say that they got drained while ‘listening’. If listening is draining I prefer not doing it- life is too beautiful for being drained. I want to enjoy every second of my life. How to nourish myself in any dialogue and any interaction?

There are so many aspects, skills and focus points that help me make listening be nothing but a nourishing experience. Here are some I am hoping to address during the weekend:

❀  So often people tell me “Don’t take it personal”, but they don’t explain me HOW not to take it personal… We will look into skills that help me keep clarity in a dialogue: What belongs to me, and what belongs to the other? What is the cause of our feelings? What to do with the pain and fear that is stirred in me while listening?
  How to hear beyond judgments, demands, criticism or blame?  Though I wish people to speak in a non-judgmental way to me, the fact is that very often they don’t (even if they truly don’t mean to…). How to hear what people really try to say no matter how they say it, and how to stay open and centered facing challenging messages?
  How to fall in love with ANY message people send to me? How to find this place where connection happens? What makes the heart soften? How to create love and cooperation?
  How to make myself safe while being in a dialogue: How to deeply hear myself? How to never give in? How to stand for and never betray my own needs? How to make sure I am not saying “YES” to doing things I don’t want to? How to make relationships sustainable?
❀  How to enjoy people’s pain, instead of trying to reassure them, save them, distract them or walking on egg shells trying not to trigger them?
❀  Does ‘Empathy’ means to agree with the other person’s opinion? Is there a way I can hear the beauty behind the opinion without agreeing with it?
❀  What is it in me that prevents me from hearing others?
  Installing a habit: while listening to others, I am continuously listening to myself: to my sensations, feelings, thoughts and needs.

My way of teaching:
My focus is on the embodied part of NVC and the bringing it into each and every corner of our lives.
The sessions interweave between planned structure (Topics & Exercises) and LIVE situations in the here and now (Dialogues, Role-Plays, Demonstrations, live situations and questions).

The workshop will be held in English with no systematic Dutch translation. Small group exercises can be done in Dutch.

When:   09-10 November 2019
Where:   aanaajaanaa, Hoogpoort 25, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Fee:    choice between €190 - €380 (choice is depending on your income and free will)
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