The Art of Dialogue


I learned to see that in each moment I have a choice- how do I respond. NVC teaches to see that no matter how people speak to me, it is up to me how I interpret these words I hear. This is an enormous power.

Claudia M.

I came to learn NVC because the endless fights with my girlfriend, brought us to the border of separation. During the workshop, I learned that though I spend hours listening to her, I actually never really HEAR her. What I heard was my own head telling me how wrong she is and that I want her to change!

Now, instead of what’s wrong with her, I hear what she is actually feeling and needing, and that bring us to a place where we start finally hearing each other. This is a new place for us to be where we are much more connected than ever before.

James R.

I have the trust how to deal with sticky conversations, while in the past I would have want to run away from, now I feel trust I have the tools and the skills to be, finally, fully honest about it while also leading it to a place of connection instead of disconnection.

Rachelle E.

Yoram is an incredibly good empathetic listener, someone who has made me feel safe and at ease to openly express my feelings (something I’ve always found difficult) without fear of judgement.

Yoram is helping me to learn how to connect to my feelings and to express them effectively to other people, especially my wife I remember that after the first session I thought something like: “Wow! We are married for a few years now, but this is the first time that I can really hear what matters to her!” I felt more connected to her than I have ever before. I have faith again that we can overcome any challenge in our relationship and prosper together as a loving connected couple.

Frank B.