The Art of Dialogue


 Advance workshop in NVC:

Naturalizing NVC (Street Giraffe)

18-20 January 2019, Istanbul, Turkey

With CNVC certified trainer Yoram Mosenzon (Netherlands)


Often when we start learning NVC, we learn what I now call ‘Classical Giraffe’. You probably noticed that this language is not always creating connection:

  • “Are you needing connection?” 
    →  “Ph… I don’t need anything, stop with these needs needs needs all the time!!”
  • “I feel irritated and I need more freedom” 
    →  “Yes, it is always about you! Since you do this NVC, you became more selfish”
  • “Would you be willing to wash the dishes?” 
    →  “W OULD YO U BE WI LLING… Can you stop speaking like a robot for God sake???”

‘Classical Giraffe’ is the awareness I hold firmly within me, it is not how I speak in daily life.

‘Street Giraffe’, is searching a language that works, with each person and in each situation. It is the delicate Art of searching what actually creates connection.


During this workshop we will focus on:

- Growing fluidity in speaking an NVC street Giraffe

- Refining Empathic skills- how to reach people in all situations (at home, at work, children…) and in all states (people in Anger, depression, distance…).

-  Be the leader of my life: How can I act out of my own choice rather than out of fear? How to stand firmly for my needs and authenticity in a way that creates connection, cooperation and love?

- The art of request: How to dare to ask for what I want, offering my dreams generously to the world.

- ‘Waves’: how to be Radically honest and Radically Empathic in Millions of day to day life situations?

- And more…


Minimum amount of experience: Previous 30 hours of NVC training 

Fee:  Choice between 1000 – 1800 TL (€180-€330)- choice is depending on your income and free will.

Language: The workshop will be held in English, with Turkish translation

Practical info and Registration:  Ozge Altinkaya Erkok: