The Art of Dialogue

Weekend Introduction to NVC- 
Diving deep into the basics:

"The Art and Craft of Authentic Expression and Empathic Listening"

 With Oriane Boyer

03-04 November 2018, 10h-18h30  

Nobelweg 9hs 1097AP amsterdam 

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Contribution: Choice between €190-€380 (choice is depending on your income and free will)

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I'd love to take these 2 days to dive deep together into the basics of this art of living.

I love teaching as it is a way for me to keep on learning, integrating and exploring. I don't like to call myself a "trainer" (as I see it as a label that often implies that I know better or that I will teach you something) but more of a passionate human being who longs to share and meet other fellows in our shared humanity (that NVC helps me to connect to).

About the process:

NVC is a way of thinking and communicating that supports a profound and honest connection with myself and others. Instead of trying to change others (using punishments, rewards, guilt or shame that leads to disconnection) to meet my needs, NVC supports me to express myself from my heart in a way that can lead to cooperation, togetherness and a natural wish to contribute to one another. 

Learning the art and craft of expressing myself authentically and listening empathically, I can little by little experience:

Being honest while staying in connection

Caring for my needs while caring for other's

Hearing what people REALLY try to express (even when the message is challenging to hear (Such as judgement, blame, criticism and demands)

Experience a new way to be with uncomfortable feelings that brings acceptance and compassion to myself and others....


Testimonials about Oriane:

"Oriane created a wonderful environment during the entire weekend. It was so touching to see how she brought NVC to us with so much care and passion.

I really loved the learning pace and the balance between theory and practice. She explained the principles and mechanisms so clearly that I really got a deep understanding of everything that was covered. I was left truly inspired and I learned so much.

Not even a week has passed since the workshop and so much has changed in my life when it comes to connecting to people. Just today I managed to truly speak from my heart in a large group of people during an extremely tense situation. Just by keeping in mind the principles I had learned, I was able to deliver my message so clearly and touch many of the people there that it made a real difference."
Nicholas Ziglio 

I am so incredibly grateful for last weekend.  I have applied NVC to my relationship and can see that it helped immensely even though we are not there yet.  I have used it with my kids and today with my daughter when it was just about to get out of hand I used NVC knowledge and it worked and gave her the space she needed.  SO - I feel lighter since this weekend. I feel a different energy, a shift inside, an understanding I was missing. I have done many many therapy courses, about the past etc. but for me, this weekend, was exactly what I was actually looking for."

Lianne Bergeron

Thank you so much for the course, it was great learning and quite a bit milestone for my relationship! 


I want to tell you how you made me feel so very welcome over the two days we were together for the course. I came in with a very negative attitude which in some ways surprised me but in the end I understood: I was intimidated and afraid of showing myself. After the course I felt renewed, refreshed and energized by what I had learned. And it did strike me that I have lived most of my life with my voice not in the room; 

I wanted to let you know that I have been incorporating the things you shared with us into my daily life and I find it to be a lovely and gentle answer to communicating with humans. I feel so grateful for the experience. 

Gillian Cook

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