The Art of Dialogue


Deepening Course in ‘Nonviolent Communication (NVC)’

Advanced Course

In English: with Mirjam Schulpen & Cara Crisler

Sundays:  19/01, 02/02, 15/03, 05/04, 11:00-17:00


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Course Intention:

This course will be led by 2 trainers- Mirjam & Cara.
In the course we will go deeper into the subtleties of embodying NVC in different corners of our lives, and we will grow together as a community of (baby) Giraffes to support each other in entering into the NVC paradigm- in and outside the classes.

NVC is a paradigm shift- it is a completely new way of thinking compared to the one I was educated and grew up upon - a need connected thinking replacing a wrong/right thinking in relation to myself and toward others.

It is a subtle shift, and yet a huge shift in my whole being! Each little step I take in embodying NVC into my life, is bringing me to a new realm of possibilities of empathy and connection with myself and others.

I cannot think about any other skill more worthwhile learning than how to be with people and myself compassionately.

I'd be delighted if you join us.

We will address topics such as:

 →  Deepening empathic skills

→  Deepening Honesty skills

→  The Art of Requesting- If you don’t ask, nothing will happen… We will practice how to be a leader who creates in life.

→  The dynamics of Anger (how to express Anger and how to listen to Anger in a way that bring connection and cooperation

 →  Positive feedback: Expressing appreciation (Fuel for life)

→  Practicing "Full Dialogue" and "connecting in conflicts"

 →  Celebration and Mourning

 →  Working with emotions- fear, shame, guilt, insecurity. To empower us from within to become the leader of our life, and a leader in life.

→ "Healing the pain between us"- How to transform hurt into connection/cooperation?

→  Speaking with myself compassionately- Healing inner Jackals and inner conflicts.

→   Street Giraffe

→  freeing from stories: "rejection story" and "self criticism".

→  And more and more and more...


Practical details:

Required amount of Experience:  
This course is open for you if you did a minimum of 60 hours of NVC trainings.

At the end of each session, you will receive by email a handout- a summary of the last session.

We will have 1 assistant (or more) accompanying us during this course. they did at least the Basic Course, Intermediate Course and the Year Course, and are engaged in their steps toward teaching/sharing NVC. 

 Van Beuningenstraat 110A, Amsterdam.

 4 Sundays: 19/01, 02/02, 15/03, 05/04

 Choice between €295 - €590 (choice is depending on your income and free will)
* Invoices are Vrijgesteld (VAT free). 

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'The regret period':  If you change your mind within 14 days after sending the prepayment and before the course has actually begun, you will receive your pre-payment back.