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Deepening Course in ‘Nonviolent Communication (NVC)’:

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Advanced Course- Living Compassion

06 sessions course, with Nadine Helm:
Thursday evenings 18:15-22:00, June 6th, 13th ,20th, 27th,  July 4th,11th, 2019
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Location:  Nobelweg 9hs 1097AP Amsterdam

Course Content:

Robert Gonzales, Trainer for NVC (CNVC), has dedicated his life to living compassion. In his approach to NVC he emphasizes connection to the living, vibrant energy that needs carry and to cultivate a felt sense experience of their energy inside of us.

This course is for you if you enjoy a meditative approach to NVC that emphasizes NVC as a life-long spiritual practice and appreciate concrete tools to transform and meet all inner life experiences in a way that softens our resistance to them, holds fears with compassion and allows life to flow more freely and fully.

Robert’s work integrates contemplative processes like meditation and inquiries in pairs that engage the heart and the felt sense of the body and can be used and established as an ongoing meditation practice in your life. Furthermore there are exercises to develop concrete skills, e.g. to express and listen from the beauty and fullness of needs and 3 concrete NVC based processes I want to introduce to you to add to your tool box for life. 

The nature of the work is one that invites us to dive deeper into ourselves, to meet our pains, joys, resistances and protective layers and to gently embrace them with love and compassion in the presence of each other in the group or with a partner during pair/small group exercises. The course requires an openness to dive into one’s own inner processes, to support each other in inner work and to be open to share one’s experiences with a partner or the group. I will demonstrate processes with a volunteer which afterwards I will invite you to practice in pairs.

Overview of the themes:

Core principles of Living Compassion and Living Energy of Needs

Honest expression and Empathy from Beauty of the needs

Deepening into self-empathy with the process: “Transforming the pain of unmet needs to the beauty of needs”

Meeting inner life with the process of: “Embracing compassionately”

Process: “Preparation for an authentic dialogue” – How to bring my Honesty from a place of beauty

Meditation process on needs in pairs and solo

Dyad meditation inquiry process as a contemplation into life

Who is offering the workshop

Abut Nadine:
My name is Nadine Helm. I practice NVC since 2004. I was blessed to study with Marshall Rosenberg and continued my NVC journey with Robert Gonzales in 2006 as one of my main teachers. I participated in his 2 year program in the US 2007-2009 and started to invite Robert to Germany in 2008 in order to start his first European 2 year program from 2010-2012 which I assisted twice in the following years. Robert continues to be my main teacher and source of spiritual inspiration. I see him yearly, as I am translating his teachings in Germany and German speaking countries. I feel honored to be invited and trusted by Yoram Mosenzon to offer this course to you.                                     
If you want to know more about me: Nadine

Nobelweg 9hs, 1097AP Amsterdam

  Thursdays 18:15-22:00: June 6th, 13th ,20th, 27th, July 4th,11th, 2019

 For a 06 sessions course: choice between €150 - €300 (choice is depending on your income and free will)

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