The Art of Dialogue



A nonviolent communication weekend workshop:

The art of dialogue: focused on Self-Connection

With CNVC certified trainer and Mediator Yoram Mosenzon

23-24 May 2020, Hannover, Germany


What is going between people? Even the people who love most (couple, parent/children, family) often experience some great challenges when being together: Conflicts arise, distance appear, and misunderstanding, tensions and hurt become the major undercurrents under our relationships.

'Nonviolent Communication' is the most powerful tool I found so far to support me, over and over again, to transform all those moments of pain, into deeper connection, closeness, cooperation, love, and healing.

The more I dive into the Art of Dialogue (or, the Art of ‘what is going on there between people’), the more I see that the source of the mess lays in inner confusions- or what we call ‘a lack of self-connection’.

This weekend will be dedicated to inner clarity, and clarity between us:

  How to speak our deepest truth in a way that create connection and understanding
  How to connect with the depth of my experience, so that my words reflect my inner truth.
  How to stand for my needs and ask for what I want, without it being demanding nor a pressure to others.
  Inner clarity: processes such as ‘liberating from guilt’ and ‘The Art of Being Torn’
  How to continuously listen to myself while listening to others
  How to stay centered even in the most challenging dialogues (facing Anger, demands, expectations and judgments… and mostly- facing my own fears that are triggered during the dialogue)
  How to be fully me (fully honest), and in connection (cooperation, love…) with the people around me.
  How to navigate a dialogue toward meeting everyone’s needs
  And more…

About NVC:

'Nonviolent Communication (NVC)' (Phd. Marshall Rosenberg) is a practical communication tool that radically transforms your relationship with yourself and others. NVC cultivates assertive honesty mixed with a deep quality of Empathy.
NVC transforms conflicts into love and clarity.

About Yoram Mosenzon: 

CNVC certified trainer, Coach and a Mediator, Yoram was a dancer/choreographer when he came across NVC 17 years ago. 10 years ago, he decided to stop all his artistic activities in order to dedicate his time and energy fully to sharing NVC. Yoram is now teaching NVC internationally to the general public, teachers in schools, universities, parents, businesses and teams. He is teaching in The Netherlands, France, Israel/Palestine, Belgium, Poland, the USA, and more.
Yoram is one of 4 founders of the NVC (Giraffe) school in Amsterdam for children aged 0-21.
Yoram’s TED talk:


In an interactive and safe learning environment, we will be invited to work on examples from our own life. We will practice “Nonviolent Communication” through demonstrations, role-playing and exercises in order to integrate the NVC values and language more in our own daily lives.


The workshop will be held in English with a German translation


Where:  Hannover, Germany

When:  23-24 May 2020 (Saturday & Sunday 10:00-18:00) 

Fee:  Choice between €190 - €380 (choice is depending on your income and free will)

Organizer:   Felix Freudenberg: 

More information about Yoram:


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