The Art of Dialogue

General offerings

  • A year course Embodying and Teaching NVC- on the route to become an NVC trainer’ in Amsterdam - The Netherlands , and in France: Cursus de 5 mois: 'Incarner, Approfondir et transmettre la CNV'
  • A Year course 'NVC Mediation': in Amsterdam
  • Advance workshops abroad such as :
    • ‘Connecting in conflict’- instead of avoiding conflict, how to enjoy conflict as a mean of getting to know oneself and the other and building deeper trust.
    • 'Intimate Relationships'- The art of dialogue and the dynamics within the closest relationships (where it is often the most challenging...)
    • ‘Pain, anger, guilt and other dear friends’- how deeply important unpleasant emotions are and how to work with them so they serve life.
    • ‘Ask for the moon’ - the art of asking what you want and freeing from rejection stories.
    • ‘Radical Empathy’- how to hear the beauty behind all messages no matter how they are expressed. How to listen and speak with yourself compassionately.
    • ‘Radical Honesty’- how to be radically honest and in connection with the people around you and more.