The Art of Dialogue

Courses and Workshops

Connecting2life is offering courses and workshops in NVC for all levels in Amsterdam, and workshops all around Europe/the world.

* IMPORTANT:  we wish for money to never be an obstacle to ANYONE for learning NVC. we are super open for a dialogue to figure out other ways of mutual contribution.

In Amsterdam we offer: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance courses, Connecting with Children (courses for parents), and a year long training.

Abroad we offer a large variety of workshops- from introductions to NVC, deepening skills and advance themes such as: ‘Connecting in conflict’, ‘Pain, anger, guilt and other dear friends’, ‘Radical Honesty’, ‘Self connection and Empathy- The Art of Listening’, ‘Ask for the moon (the art of asking for what you want)', and more.
Here below you can see upcoming courses and workshop divided by countries: 

The Netherlands

Year Course: "Embodying & Teaching NVC" On the road to becoming an NVC trainer

10 months long program, October 2019 - July 2020, The Netherlands

Year Course: “NVC Mediation" (not Meditation!!)

12 days, 1 weekend a month, January till June 2020, Amsterdam

BASIC Course (courses in English, and Dutch)

(1) With Yoram Mosenzon (English), Wednesday evenings, 09 October - 11 December
, 18:30-21:45 // (2) With Mirjam Schulpen (Dutch): Monday evenings, 14 October - 09 December, 18:30-21:45 // With Cara Crisler (in English): Tuesday evenings, 15 October - 10 December 18:30-21:45


(1) In English with Yoram: Tuesday evenings 18:30-21:45, 08 October - 10 December (except the 22 October) // (2) In Dutch with Bonno: Monday evenings 18:30-21:45, 07 October - 09 December // (3) Morning course in English: With Bonno Lange: Friday mornings 09:30-12:45, 11 October - 13 December


In English with Yoram Mosenzon: Thursday evenings 10 October-12 December 18:30-21:45, // In Dutch with Mirjam Schulpen 4 Sundays October-December, Amsterdam

Connecting with Children Course

With Floortje Vermeiden & Wendel Zwaal: Friday mornings 09:30-12:45, 11 October-13 December 2019

Deepening workshop: Connecting with Children

Day workshop With Cara Crisler & Mirjam Schulpen, 17 November 2019, Amsterdam

Deepening workshop: The Art of Mourning

Day workshop With Cara Crisler & Mirjam Schulpen, 15 December 2019, Amsterdam


Toulouse Cursus de 5 mois : 'Vivre et Incarner la CNV'

Octobre 2019 à Février 2020 Cursus de 5 mois à Toulouse

Cursus avancés de 5 mois: 'Incarner, Approfondir et transmettre la CNV'

Mars à Juillet 2020, Toulouse, France

L’art de vivre ensemble avec Yoram, Oriane et Frédéric

17 au 22 Juillet 2019, proche de Toulouse en pleine campagne, France

Médiation CNV

21-22 & 23-24 October 2019, Near Toulouse, France


Weekend workshop: Introduction to NVC / סדנת תקשורת מקרבת - יסודות

06-07 September, Israel, קיבוץ הל"ה, בעמק האלה

3 days workshop: Open Relationships / תקשורת מקרבת ביחסים פתוחים

12-14 September, Israel, עין ורד מרכז אישתר

3 days workshop: Intimate Relationships / יחסים אינטימיים

19-21 September, Israel, קיבוץ הל"ה, בעמק האלה

5 days workshop: Facilitation & Mediation / גישור והנחייה

24-28 September, Israel, קיבוץ הל"ה, בעמק האלה

New Zealand

'Connecting with Children’

22-23 February 2020, Nelson, New Zealand

'Connecting in Conflict'

07-08 March 2020, Wellington, New Zealand

'Connecting with Children'

14-15 March 2020, Auckland, New Zealand


Self-Connection & The Art of Dialogue

23-24 May 2020, Hannover, German


Intimate Relationships

17-19 January 2020, Greystones, Ireland



Anger, Guilt, Fear, Depression and Other Dear Friends

22-24 November 2019, Kyev, Ukraine


Intimate Relationships

21-22 November 2020, London


Intimate Relationships

24-26 April 2020, Iceland


Intimate Relationships

01-03 November 2019, Basel Swiss


IIT (International Intensive Training)

9 days: 17-26 May 2019 - Slovenia

General offerings