The Art of Dialogue

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Sharing experiences & learning

This space is for you, for the community. A space of sharing, and inspiring each other:

I often hear people say how supportive it is to hear each other's stories while trying and searching how to apply NVC in our life. So this place is for sharing your:
- 'Celebrations'- moments you tried to use NVC and you celebrate it

- 'Fuck ups/Mourning'- moments you tried to use NVC and it didn't turn as you were wishing for, or, moments that you forgot to use NVC and you regret it.
(in my experience, sharing your 'fuck ups/mourning stories' is giving much self-compassion to all other reader's own 'fuck ups' smile.png.

- Learning, experiences, realizations, questions and wonders.


So, any text you write, please send it to me and I will post it here. It doesn't have to be 'well written' or 'interesting'. It is just need to be you, sharing your humanity, meeting in a common human space.

Please send these to: